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   Chapter 1826 The Strength Source

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There was hardly a hair's breadth between Zen and the Princess Royal as they lay on the huge silver stone, which made it quite hard to turn over.

The huge silver stone on the other hand emitted an irresistible force of attraction under the chaotic force field.

"You can't move too, right?"

Princess Royal asked. The two of them had been pressed too close against each other when they had fallen on the stone.

After that, they kept glancing at each other like a first-time couple.

"It's a little hard..." Zen tried to shake his head, but it was extremely difficult to move his neck. The attraction force was far too powerful.

"The members of the Collapsing Mountain race are extraordinarily strong. It is said that if ordinary warriors enter their territory, they would instantly freeze, and only slaughter awaits them," the Princess Royal said with a smile.

Zen stared at her, utterly speechless.

"You've known about this since a long time ago, right?"

"This place is where the strength source is. Of course I've heard of it before." "Then why did you still lead me here?" Zen asked shrilly.

Truth be told, he was rather annoyed. "But we have no other way to go," Princess Royal stated calmly.

Extreme sadness washed over Zen once again. This woman was not wrong. They wouldn't be able to get rid of the Formless Sky Python no matter where they fled.

It seemed that this place was the only area left where they could try their luck.

"I bet the Formless Sky Python doesn't dare enter the Collapsing Mountain race's territory," the Princess Royal inferred. She had her own judgment of things, but she wasn't stupid.

The Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was originally a trial ground. It was where warriors could grow and be promoted the fastest, and not even the divine land could compare to it. Yet since it was an extremely dangerous place, it came with much bigger risks.

This Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was only the size of at least three supreme worlds. It had many trial grounds, and the Collapsing Mountain race guarded its strength source. The place was for body refiners to cultivate.

"What a pity... You must have guessed wrong," Zen said, a wry smile on his face.

They heard the familiar sound of explosions again. Although Zen and the Princess Royal were within the huge silver stone, they could still see the ground and the mountains tremble.


It was as if an immense earthquake had occurred, and even the ground began to ripple like water. Clearly, a huge monster moved underneath...

Zen inhaled deeply. At that moment, he wanted nothing more than to stand up and break free from the stone's constraints!

However, it was impossible to do it with his own strength alone. Thus, he had no choice but to use the power of the dragon scales.

The nine Genuine Dragons and Zen had quite the conflict after th

ior who refined her body. Thus, she could not turn her head under the effects of the attraction force, and could only look straight ahead.

Zen followed her gaze and saw a few figures from a near distance who rapidly approached the scene.

"Martial artists?" Zen froze instantly.

"The members of the Collapsing Mountain race!" The Princess Royal's face lit up as if she had personally seen the reinforcements.

The warriors with bared arms had bronzed, toned muscles and looked very strong. Were they the members of the Collapsing Mountain race that the Princess Royal had spoken of?

Based from their appearance alone, they seemed nothing special and were almost similar to ordinary humans. However, what surprised Zen was that these warriors actually jumped crazily on the silver stones at a shockingly high speed!

They weren't affected by the attractive force at all. Perhaps there was some secret technique that allowed them to escape the attraction force.

The Formless Sky Python's huge mouth below only rose half the distance, and the members of the Collapsing Mountain race had arrived quickly.

What happened next immediately corrected Zen's guess. The group of Collapsing Mountain members didn't escape from the attraction force at all.

In reality, they were already used to the giant silver stone's attraction force due to their immense strength.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

Three strongest men of the Collapsing Mountain race rushed in front and punched the Formless Sky Python at the same time.

The Formless Sky Python, whose body was like a rapidly growing bamboo, rose slowly—only to be destroyed by the three fists when it was halfway up.

"This..." Naturally, Zen was also a bit stunned. They had such a strong, formidable power to the point where Zen couldn't comprehend it. He thought that maybe after all the cyan dragon's dragon scales had been lit up, it could reach the same effect.

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