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   Chapter 1825 Chaotic Force Field

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It didn't matter how loud the noise behind them became; they weren't stopping anytime soon.

The Formless Sky Python wasn't very intelligent. But Zen had no idea why it had locked its target on the princess.

They rushed at a speed that led them thousands of miles away in under five minutes.

If any strange beasts lurked ahead of them, they didn't have time to think about it. All they could think of was to try their best to distance themselves from the Formless Sky Python.

This time, a rumbling sound rang out from behind. The enormous creature continued to follow them.

It looked like the Formless Sky Python wouldn't stop until it devoured the woman beside Zen.

They didn't know how Kennan and Woodrow were doing. All they could do was try their best and get away as soon as possible.

This thick forest land stretched for a thousand miles. They'd gotten some distance ahead when a massive lake appeared before them. They had gradually moved onto the highlands, from plains to hills.

Despite them running at full speed, the distance between them and the Formless Sky Python was quickly closing.

"Ah! Look out!"

the princess suddenly cried out. The oil-paper umbrella she was holding came to an abrupt halt in midair.

"What's wrong?" Zen frowned.

He didn't know how to deal with this woman, especially since he could neither kill her nor shake her off because she was so stubborn in following him.

All they could do right now was escape together. But it was still somewhat baffling to Zen as to why they had gone in the same boat.

"In front of us is the territory of the Collapsing Mountain race. It is one of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land's aboriginal races," the princess replied.

"Aboriginals? Are they dangerous?" This woman was referring to the Collapsing Mountain race as aboriginals and Zen knew from this that the princess was from the divine land.

The princess pursed her lips and replied, "It's hard to say. The aboriginals of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land have a strong enmity towards outsiders, but it's not all impossible for us..."

Before she could finish talking, Zen had rushed out, muttering under his breath about how this woman lacked judgment.

They would die if they remained where they were. But if they continued onward, they might still have a chance of survival. The choice was easy.

Zen had, however, forgot the fact that the princess had taken a huge risk to go search for a warrior that had landed on the teleporting areas like Zen after night had fallen. If the Collapsing Mountain race could make someone like the princess hesitate, it wasn't going to be simple.

The princess hesitated for a moment before catching up with Zen. She knew she had no other choice.

If the

he previous ones. But they were no different to Zen, who shattered them to pieces with a single hit.

As they advanced, the red stones gradually disappeared and cyan stones began to appear. These stones were columnar in shape and were twice as hard as the iron ores.

The stones they saw along the way changed colors from cyan to brown, then to blue, and then became crystal clear.

They finally encountered black stones that Zen couldn't break. He had to take a detour, having failed to shatter the huge rocks. This way, he finally had to slow down.

"I'll lead," the princess said, raising the oil-paper umbrella in her hands. The umbrella's ribs folded backwards, making it look like a spear.

Zen's interest was piqued as he saw the changes in the umbrella. He had always known, somehow, that this woman's umbrella was incredibly magical.

The princess pointed the umbrella ribs towards the front and made it spin.

A thin blue spiral slowly came into existence. It was thin as an arm and had a sharp tip, like a long, constantly twisting snake. The black stones shattered the moment the tip of the spiral touched them. Its power was beyond amazing.

The princess was truly leading the way!

Once they broke through the black boulders, silver floating boulders appeared once again before them.

The princess rushed forward to break the silver boulders apart. But they had only flown about seventy or eighty feet when they felt a strong attraction force pulling them over.

This force was too great for them to resist it.

The two of them felt dizzy for a moment. And then, they began to fall heavily towards the silver rocks.

When they came back to their senses, they discovered that they were lying on top of a silver boulder. But they couldn't move their limbs. It was as if they were stuck to this silver boulder.

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