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   Chapter 1823 Swallowed (Part One)

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Zen's spirit was a tumult of conflicting emotion, but his face merely betrayed confusion. He hesitated.

After everything, he did not have the heart to kill this woman...

The ground shook beneath him. His breath caught as he saw the massive body of the Formless Sky Python rushing towards him. As he turned to run, bursts of wind began to form underneath his feet, propelling him forward.

Behind him trailed the Princess Royal. She had a sly smile on her face as she flew through the air.

Her strength was that powerful, but she had cultivated her own cultivation method diligently. She easily matched his speed, and even began to overtake him. He raced forward, and she followed steadily in his wake.

The martial artists of the Spirit Transformation Realm had formed a procession behind her and kept pace.

The beast seemed less than a hundred miles away from them. Suddenly, in one swift motion, it wound up like a coil and sprang into the air with an agility that belied its size. Zen thought that it must have crossed at least ten miles with that leap alone. Such was the beast's immensity and power. Though the party continued to flee, they all looked back when they heard a low and terrible rumbling. As the earth groaned, they saw the great animal rear one of its heads up and then smashed it down from the height of tens of thousands of feet. Their breath caught in their throats. Then, without warning, the winds parted and the monstrous head raced down towards them, its numerous eyes gleaming.

The air trembled with a sound like thunder, as the first head of the Formless Sky Python, vast as a mountain, fell from the sky.

Zen's face froze in shock and the Princess Royal began to panic. The warriors of the Spirit Transform

llowed here.

If everyone from the divine land were to bring a space treasure to enter the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land and use it whenever they encountered any danger, the significance of the existence of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land would disappear...

The crack of thunder brought him out of his reverie.

Zen's strength was at its limit, and he was running faster than he ever had before, but the Formless Sky Python's head was falling ever closer.

He kept his eyes focused on the edge of the shadow, calculating the distance left...

"Only six or seven more miles," he said.

'I probably would've escaped by now if I haven't turned to slash at the Princess Royal earlier, ' he thought to himself.

The Formless Sky Python's mouth stretched open, and the sight within chilled Zen to his core. It reminded him of a hollow tube of bamboo, with sickly spikes spiraling from its lips all the way to the depths of its stomach. It was a staircase to hell. Nothing less.

At such a close distance, Zen could smell the deathly aura that emanated from the beast's belly. It smelled of rage, blood, and death. He wanted to vomit even as he ran.

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