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   Chapter 1822 Determined (Part Two)

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Although no one could figure out the origin of her flame, it was still an abnormal flame that petrified even her own father.

'How did this man manage to do it?' she wondered in awe.

However, Zen didn't have the slightest idea about the thoughts that were running through this woman's mind. He firmly grasped her and madly rushed forward.

Suddenly, a loud thud came from behind them, similar to that of thunder!

In such a short period of running, Zen had already brought this woman over a hundred miles with him. However, the violent sound coming from behind was deafening. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't ignore it. It was like something was exploding right near their ears.

The Formless Sky Python began to move again!

The two world lords had failed to stop it.

In the end, the Formless Sky Python wasn't something that the world lords could defeat easily. Even though they had used the Wishing Spell to seal the Formless Sky Python off, the Formless Sky Python still managed to break free. However, it could still be considered a feat for these world lords to have controlled the Formless Sky Python for so long!

However, Zen's expression changed when he realized what was happening. His eyes caught the sight of the huge shadow in the distance when it suddenly began to prostrate on the ground. The second it touched the ground, the whole place began to tremble under its power. The Formless Sky Python seemed to be coming at them.

The target of this Formless Sky Python was neither Zen nor the two world lords. It was after the woman that Zen was holding.

At first, the princess hadn't realized this. But as soon as the revelation began to sink in, her face paled.

e had enough time to dodge.

However, she didn't seem to have any intention of dodging. She still maintained her height in the sky as she followed behind Zen.

Just as the sword radiance reached the princess' ear and was about to chop her head off, screams rang out from several thousand feet behind her.

The warriors that followed the princess were greatly shocked. When these Spirit Transformation Realm martial artists saw that the Formless Sky Python had broken free from the control of the two world lords, all they could think of was to run for their lives. However, they might not end well if they left the princess behind. And it would be even worse by being eaten by the Formless Sky Python. In such a dire situation, they had no choice but to follow Zen and the princess.

On the other hand, Zen's sword radiance finally stopped right beside the princess' ear.

A part of the hair above her left ear was chopped off. And a small cut was left by the sword radiance on her tiny ear where blood droplets began to ooze out.

But the princess' face looked as determined as ever, and she showed no signs of giving up.

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