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   Chapter 1821 Determined (Part One)

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As she grew up with her special theurgy, there were many people who had died under her flame.

The people in her clan viewed her theurgy as an extremely powerful talent. However, to her, it was the fiend that she looked down upon as a curse. It saddened her when she found ordinary people trembling when they stood before her. Nobody dared to approach her, fearing that they would be burned to death if they weren't careful.

A shudder went through the servants every time they had to serve her.

The funny part was these servants had received special training. Yet somehow their fear of perishing became full-fledged when they faced her. Nobody could teach them to restrain their fear when facing the Princess Royal. After all, the fear of death was the most intense fear. Every unexpected movement from the Princess Royal prompted them to overreact. Some people might think of this as power, but that wasn't how the Princess Royal looked at it. Every time she sensed them jittering in front of her, she realized they treated her as a monster. She loathed nothing more than their stiff bodies. 'How I wish they would act with ease. I am facing a bunch of robots!' she would think with frustration.

At the age of thirteen, she had burnt a playmate to death.

Her own actions caused her endless grief. She felt akin to a hedgehog that could not hide its poisonous spikes. Her mere presence meant danger to others.

This incident had cast a shadow on her heart, and it still weighed in her mind now.

But the more powerful her blue flame was, the happier her brother would be. Even her own father looked at her power as a bliss.

They had done quite a bit of research about this flame, but they had never uttered a word about it before her. They were well aware of her aversion towards her own power.

However, after coming to the Divine R

l Flowers in the town.

The origin of the Celestial Soul was a mystery. They were ubiquitous in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, but they were not the aboriginals of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. Moreover, they did not seem to come from the various universes, and there was no such race in the divine land.

Some people took them for the Soul Race, but they were fundamentally different from each other!

Now it turned out that the information provided to her by the Celestial Soul person was right. A creature had indeed appeared on the Glitter Gold Gobi, and this creature was capable of taking her to the Soul Suppressing Cliff!

However, except for the princess, no one else believed this.

At this moment, she felt elated for having had faith in this information. She had chosen to take a risk and now it had come to fruition. 'I have finally found him! He is right in front of me!' she thought delightfully.

In spite of her happiness, there was a part that was still unsure if this person could truly take her to the Soul Suppressing Cliff. However, upon discovering that this young man could actually resist her blue flame, she was eighty percent sure that this man was the person she was looking for!

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