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   Chapter 1820 God-burning Flame

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In the past, Zen would have never taken advantage of a woman to use her as a shield.

However, this place was not the universe that he came from! The rules of the game were very different here.

Right from the beginning when Zen started training to become a warrior, he had never lacked strong supporters.

He also knew that these mighty warriors backed him only due to the so-called 'destiny'. These powerful masters would regularly motivate him to progress further and move forward all the time.

But here in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, Zen had to rely solely on himself.

Moreover, the Princess Royal who he had captured was provoking him. If it had not been for this pestering woman, he would not have encountered a bizarre event right after he arrived in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land!

"You won't be able to escape..."

A world lord called Woodrow hung behind Zen, the cyan light constantly flashing in his hand, which indicated that he intended to use another theurgy.

"If you get any closer to me, I promise you that I will cut off her head," warned Zen finally. Since these people were so concerned about this woman, they would certainly care about her life.

However, his words failed to have the desired effect!

Using a hostage to threaten the powerful warriors was not a very good negotiating tactic. Many formidable warriors felt that a hostage could only be exchanged for a small amount of conditions, but it was impossible to threaten them with no limits. And even if Woodrow agreed to Zen's request, the Princess Royal could still be killed in the end! It was a gamble he was unwilling to play.

Therefore, Woodrow acted as if he hadn't heard anything. The cyan light in his hands became brighter and brighter. He was preparing for an extremely vicious soul attack—the Soul Shock!

Once this move was executed, all living beings within a radius of several dozen miles would temporarily turn into zombies, as their souls became stagnant...

Zen's eyebrows furrowed when he saw that his threat was useless.

The opponent could read his mind. He was only trying to escape, and did not have the heart to harm the woman he was holding captive!

If it continued this way, Zen would be in dire straits!

Suddenly a strange call came from behind him!

The cry seemed to have come from underground!


The shocked Woodrow saw that the Formless Sky Python was twisting and turning. At the same time, a huge crack appeared on the ground behind the Formless Sky Python, after which the ground tore open, as if something huge was breaking out from beneath!


The ground exploded, and another Formless Sky Python drilled its way out from it!

"Two Formless Sky Pythons?"

"NO! It is the same one... Bloody hell! That is the tail of the Formless Sky Python!"


toes, the soil beneath her feet instantly melted, creating a ripple like water!

Zen had no idea what was going on, so he had tried his best to protect himself before chucking the princess away.

But when he observed the flame, a strange smile appeared on his face.

The Princess Royal was perplexed when she saw his expression. Shouldn't this fellow be helpless and surrender at this point?

However, after three seconds, his figure suddenly flashed and pounced on her!

"Aah! No!"

she screamed!

At this moment, she wasn't worried about herself, but Zen! He would be burnt crisp!

Surely, Zen must have known that he should not touch the flame, but he still charged at her. In her opinion, this was no different than suicide!

And so, a weird scene played out.

The Princess Royal was like a dragonfly as she whizzed about in the air and kept stomping down on the ground. The soil beneath her feet melted in an instant, forming a large scorched mud puddle. The trees around her carbonized as well and turned into charred dead wood.

However, she had retreated to save Zen's life!

Like a poisonous hedgehog, she desperately backed away, afraid that she would hurt him.

The small army behind them didn't dare to make any wrong moves in a hurry. The Spirit Transformation Realm martial artists were well aware of the power of the flame on the princess's body. If they got too close to her, they would surely lose their lives...

"Don't come here. I'll set you ablaze!" she warned in a panic.

Her theurgy was extremely special. When she was young, she had never been able to gain complete control over it, and even those in the divine land were unable to explain the origins of the flame. As a result, as she grew up, she would often accidentally ignite the flame and burn down large portions of her house...

There was a look of pure horror in her eyes now.

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