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   Chapter 1819 The Wishing Spell

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Zen knew he couldn't kill this woman, but it was impossible for her to understand what was going on in his mind.

The riskiest part of his plan was this woman's strength.

But Zen had understood the situation and gotten an estimate of this woman's actual strength from his last two strikes.

Just as he had speculated, this woman was just like Margaret. Despite their great talent and powerful strength, they had little experience in actual combat. This type of warrior never could fully exert their strength in line with their cultivation bases. However, Zen didn't know that his guess was only half right.

His thinking was still limited by his experience from the original universe. He didn't realize that everything in the divine land was far beyond his imagination.

This woman was not as simple as he thought she was.

As Zen brought the woman to fly in reverse, Kennan and Woodrow, the two world lords, were scared out of their wits. The Spirit Transformation Realm warriors were also dumbfounded.

"What should we do?" Woodrow activated his life vitality and was about to chase after Zen before he realized he had to ask Kennan. He didn't know what he could do to help the princess.

Zen was not only holding the princess hostage but was also taking her towards the Formless Sky Python. This was a desperate situation.

"We have no other choice now. We can only fight it head on!" Kennan said as he crossed his hands and pressed his index fingers to his temples.

"What?" Woodrow said, shocked at Kennan's actions.

Kennan was decisive in his actions. He had never hesitated throughout the entire journey. No matter how much trouble the princess had caused, he always made the right decisions.

Just like the way he had given up the idea of blocking the monster to stop Zen's attack when he noticed Zen's killing intent.

And now, he had decided to save the princess at all costs. Although the princess didn't treasure her own life, her safety was always their top priority.

"Dear Gods, please listen to my dearest wish! May the Immortal Gods show your grace and create a barrier to seal this evil beast!"

A strong aura enveloped Kennan's body the moment he made this wish.

Zen was finding it difficult to steady himself in the air under the impact of this aura. At the same time, he was shocked to find out that this world lord's aura had suddenly become as strong as that of a Supreme Lord.

What the hell had happened when Kennan had recited those words? Why was he able to improve so much in the blink of an eye?

Once Kennan had made his wi

ord, he knew that he had made the right choice. The question was: How long would the world lord be able to control the beast? It had astonished Zen that Kennan was able to seal the beast all by himself. Even some low-rank Supreme Lords did not have this ability.

But Zen dared not lower his guard because there was another world lord chasing after him.

Zen's mind continued to analyze the situation as he continued on his path to escape, the princess in his arms.

"You brat! Let the princess go, and I will spare your life. Or you will regret for what you have done!" Woodrow's voice boomed threateningly as he chased after them.

"Let the princess go!"

"Do you know who we are?"

"We won't kill you if you don't hurt the princess,"

the Spirit Transformation Realm guards began to shout, threatening Zen and trying to placate him at the same time.

What they didn't know was that their threats were only making Zen even more determined to keep running. Zen knew that the animosity between him and this group of warriors had already reached peak level. He had no choice but to take the princess hostage. Luckily, her body was slim enough that it didn't burden him.

"You want to be stubborn? Don't blame me for not warning you!" Woodrow shouted and with a flip of his hand, a number of silver spikes appeared behind him. "Soul-chasing Spike!"

The spikes flashed a cyan light as they spiraled and whizzed through the air and shot towards Zen's back.

Zen threw the princess behind him and used her body as a shield against the spikes.

Woodrow's face darkened. He didn't dare hurt the princess with the Soul-chasing Spikes. So with an angry wave of his hand, he caused all the spikes to explode.

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