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   Chapter 1818 Keep The Princess Hostage

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Kennan's attitude was firm.

His only goal was the protection of the princess.

However, Zen had made it known that he would kill the princess just to rattle him. If this was just any normal situation, Kennan would have already killed him.

It was obvious he wasn't from here. From the looks of it, he might have come from someplace inferior to the divine land. Nonetheless, Kennan considered him as nothing important. He wanted to end this.

But Kennan was smart, too. He didn't dare to act recklessly while the Formless Sky Python was on his tail.

Zen, too, remained calm.

The higher the profit one desired, the higher the risk one had to face. This was the basic principle.

Although the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was a completely independent world, it had potential to bring great benefits to martial artists. For some, they could condense their Godly Tiles here and become True Gods. However, the risk involved would be unimaginable.

Zen knew he could die if he wasn't careful.

He would be either swallowed up by the beast, or get killed by the two world lords. These two were powerful, and they never held back. That day in the great world, it had been hard for even a handful of Godly Geniuses to fight against the grand sorcerer. Now that Zen had to face the two world lords, he didn't stand a chance.

"Kennan, how dare you disobey me!" The princess was furious as ever. In her eyes, as long as Kennan made the right move, the guy before her could never escape.

Rolling his eyes, Kennan held a divine texture in his hand. The Formless Sky Python behind them was getting closer and closer. He was planning to use the Sky Defensive Divine Texture to block it.

But before he could do anything, the princess had already lost all patience. "I'll get him myself."

She possessed a cultivation at the peak of the Spirit Transformation Realm, and she could be considered almost a world lord. Facing Zen who was at the Spirit Supreme Realm, she knew what she had to do to take him down.


With an oiled paper umbrella suddenly in her hands, she leapt into the air.

This was her secret weapon.

Historically, umbrella weapons were relatively rare, and the one in the princess's hand had in particular possessed ultimate powers.

The princess leaped up agilely and landed gracefully and firmly on the back of the unicorn, then she shook the umbrella with all her might.


The umbrella spread open.

"Sky Soul Cover!"

The moment the umbrella opened, an umbrella-shaped ray of light emerged above Zen's head, coming down at him.

A sharp beam flashed in Zen's eyes as his desire to kill was raging.

The woman was coming after him but he knew he couldn't make a scene. If she came here looking for death, then she couldn't blame him for killing her.

Before the

ul masters, Zen was no match for them.

He knew he just had to take advantage of others to save himself. Although the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was extremely dangerous, he was completely baffled why he would get into such trouble.

The princess didn't expect Zen to turn and come at her. She was still standing on the back of the unicorn and galloped forward at an incredible speed.

As both of them sped, she could only see a figure flash before her eyes. Her next thought was to open the Solitary Star Umbrella, which could protect her. Unfortunately, she didn't think fast enough.


With a wave of his hand, Zen grabbed the Princess Royal.

Because of the great force binding her, even with her cultivation at the peak of the Spirit Transformation Realm, she could not break free from his grasp.

The princess was at a complete loss of what to do.


Kennan's and Woodrow's expressions suddenly shifted.

This young man was actually grasping the Princess Royal as he rushed towards the Formless Sky Python.

So the moment Zen made his move, he had thought out every possible outcome.

First of all, he could not kill the princess on the unicorn. Regardless how difficult it was to kill a warrior at the peak of the Spirit Transformation Realm, even if he could kill her, the two world lords would never let him go if the princess died at his hands.

There was no way he could escape the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, so killing the princess would be a death sentence.

Little did everyone know, his two strikes were done only to test their reactions.

The results were just as Zen had assumed. When he struck out his second sword strike to threaten the princess, they already decided to take him out. One of the world lords was prepared to make a move against him.

At that point, the smart move was to keep the princess hostage.

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