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   Chapter 1817 Confidence

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From a distance, it eerily looked like an earthworm crawling around.

Despite its considerable size, the monster was quite agile in its speed.

Zen had overheard the conversation of the two.

From their conversation he realized that the Princess Royal at the instigation of somebody else had taken the unicorn to search for him.

Although Kennan was certain that this was an impossible task, the Princess Royal managed to get into the gray forest.

However, even the Princess Royal hadn't expected that the consequences would be so serious.

She attracted the terrible monster merely by just stepping into the gray forest. What was it about her that intrigued the monster? Was the attraction of her flesh and blood really so strong?

Despite this, she did not appear scared. On the contrary, she felt the rush of adrenaline pumping through her blood!

Suddenly, she turned herself around on the back of the unicorn which continued to charge forward rapidly, and fixed her pair of round bright eyes on Zen.

'He is at the Spirit Supreme Realm. He must have just arrived in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land and left the gray forest not long ago.' The Princess Royal concluded quietly.

"Forgive me Your Highness, but this is not the time to discuss this," Kennan said with an urgency in his voice. Although he sensed Zen's presence in the forest, Kennan did not consider him a threat.

Right now he was focusing on ways to block the monster, charging at them from behind. And he had to think fast, or else they all would be crushed soon!

"No!" the princess said as she continued to stare at Zen, her small mouth curving upwards. "Capture him for me right now! And I want him alive!"

Zen was stunned when he heard this.

Among this group, Kennan and another person were world lords, while the rest of them were at the Spirit Transformation Realm.

Zen could easily manage the martial artists at the Spirit Transformation Realm, as long as he avoided these two world lords.

These two world lords would not only have to capture Zen, but also deal with the huge shadow that was chasing them from behind. Zen doubted that the world lords would really carry out the princess's command and if they did, they would land up in a big mess.

As expected, Kennan said impatiently, "Your Highness, right now we need to get away from here! We don't have the time to capture him. Our top priority is to run!"

"You should be ashamed to call yourself a world lord, if you can't even catch a Spirit Supreme Realm warrior!" the Princess Royal said defiantly.

Kennan silently cursed that the princess had chosen this time for an unnecessary argument.

If he was given enough time and space, he would be able to easily capture Zen who was at the Spirit Supreme Realm, no matter how fast he ran. However, there were other priorities right now. And at t

w! They certainly felt she was losing her head.

Zen did not bother to even think while he surged forward. He could not even make out the path while running. He just kept ramming into bushes and trees, slashing them apart. Nothing would stop him from escaping from that crazy woman!

Hearing the princess shout so loudly, Zen really wanted to murder her!

However, the thought of the two world lords following behind this woman, made Zen run even harder! It would be better for him to think of other ways to get rid of them!

"Kennan! Stop that fellow or else be prepared to face your consequences!" When she realized that the distance between Zen and her was increasing, she decided to use her trump card. She knew Kennan wouldn't back out, but would obey her order!

When Zen heard those words, he immediately pulled out his Thunder Wind Divine Sword.

Already the Formless Sky Python was very close behind the princess. Despite this, if the world lord dared to capture him, Zen would kill the princess first!

"Huff, huff!"

While continuing to run, Zen decided to spread out his killing intent.

Although this killing intent was subtle, Kennan clearly felt it. The killing intent, which was purposefully spread out, carried a clear hint of warning.

Kennan didn't plan on carrying out the princess's order. After all, it wasn't the first time he disobeyed her. However, the killing intent that Zen suddenly released, surprised Kennan!

The killing intent clearly sent a message to Kennan that if he were to make a move, Zen would definitely kill the princess.

Zen clearly knew that there were two world lords among those warriors and that the princess herself was a top-level Spirit Transformation Realm martial artist. However, he still dared to release such a killing intent with a hint of warning.

He was so confident about his own strength. Kennan instantly came to a conclusion.

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