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   Chapter 1816 The Teleporting Area

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The unicorn's glorious white mane was so soft and so light that the slightest move by the unicorn made it roll like ocean waves on the beach. If one were to carefully examine the creature up close, one would see perfect divine textures embedded in its hooves.

Every time the unicorn took a step forward, these divine textures created an extremely tiny force field. Inside this force field, the unicorn would propel itself forward. It would cut through the air in front of it, all the while protected by the barrier.

"Princess Royal, we've already made it to the edge of the gray forest. Here, the darkness lasts for 132 hours. I'm afraid that if we walk any farther, we'll be in grave danger," one of the black-robed men warned.

In the eyes of an ordinary person, the complete darkness had already descended. They would not be able to see anything at all.

However, for Zen and the warriors in front of him, this degree of darkness was nothing.

Unless the Dark Law shrouded the area, Zen and the warriors would have no problem seeing here.

Because there were world lords in the group, Zen went to great lengths to remain hidden. He very carefully curled up to one side. From there, he clearly heard the on-going conversation. It was one from which he learned a lot.

Princess Royal.

Did these people come from the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land or the divine land? This woman was clearly of very high status.

'Will it last 132 hours?' Zen thought for a moment. If this were the case, then the items on top of the cave would need 132 hours before they could light up again. What dangers would await them here during these 132 hours?

"Don't be so anxious. Those yellow birds had been dispersed once before. This time, there won't be that many left," the woman coldly replied as she spurred the unicorn toward the gray forest.

"Even so, the teleporting area on the Glitter Gold Gobi has been abandoned for thousands of years. The legend that has reached you was a joke. We cannot expect the same fate."

'We cannot expect the same fate.'

When Zen heard this, he was momentarily stunned.

Ever since he embarked on the path to becoming a renowned martial artist, he had witnessed various debates about fate.

Zen had once wondered that if everything that had happened and would happen to him had been decided by the heavens.

However, not long ago, Rocher had told him that all of these theories about fate were simply lies.

Zen couldn't help but think back to what Rocher had said. What he heard from this conversation supported Rocher's idea.

"Kennan! How dare you eavesdrop on me!" the woman said, with a hint of contempt.

"We must do this to protect you, Your Highness. If you are dissatisfied, we can dutifully let His Highness know," The black-robed warrior replied, his voice devoid of emo

hadow was, but its width easily spanned thousands of feet. From the looks of it, it was probably the same size as the Genuine Dragon and the Genuine Phoenix.

The top of its massive body was covered with huge barbs and hooks, all of which grew in reverse toward the huge black hole at the top.

At the edges of the black hole, there were many distinct black and white spheres.

Although Zen didn't understand what this monster was, he could instantly tell that those numerous spheres were the monster's eyeballs. All living creatures were extremely sensitive to that part of the body, and Zen was no exception.

Seeing such a thing, Zen had no time to be afraid to expose himself.

Princess Royal, who was on the back of a unicorn, rode fast. She was the first to reach the very front. The others, lined up in a row, followed behind her. None of them chose to fly.

These people knew this Divine Refinement Forbidden Land very well. Otherwise, Zen would not have chosen to follow them. Using his agile move technique, he tailed this group of martial artists.

Because of his speed, Zen naturally had no way of hiding his presence. So even though the Princess Royal was still in a panic over seeing the huge shadow in the forest, she discovered Zen.

"Kennan! I found him! I told you! I said he'll definitely show up!" Princess Royal cried out.

As the group sprinted away from the forest, they saw Zen jump up and join their fleeing team. They were all baffled, especially Kennan. His shocked gaze was fixed on Zen. "This is impossible. The teleporting area in the Glitter Gold Gobi has been destroyed. How could someone appear here?"

However, due to the problem they were currently facing, Kennan had no time to deal with this. The gigantic shadow had begun following them, extending its body through the forest floors. It was chasing after them at an extremely fast speed.

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