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   Chapter 1815 Move Forward

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Complete silence enveloped the whole stone forest.

Zen could only hear his own quiet breathing as he entered the forest, his senses on high alert.

The place did not belong to the universe, so Zen couldn't use the power transfer skill. In addition, the aboriginals of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land and the martial artists from the divine land were also there.

In this forest, all the plants including trees and weeds were all stones.

When Zen stepped on the forest ground, the weeds under his feet broke occasionally.

Nevertheless, he kept moving. After four hours, Zen estimated that he had traveled about five hundred miles. If he had traveled by air, he would've covered the same distance in just seconds. However, it would be dangerous to expose himself in the air when he was unfamiliar with the place.

The sky got darker, and Zen saw that the starlight which hung from the cave's dome-like ceiling began to dim. Clearly, night and day also existed in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

However, the night had come too quickly. Within the time of a few seconds, the bright day had completely been replaced by darkness. There was no transitional process at all.

This darkness was unable to affect Zen's perception. A green light flashed in his eyes, and the blurry world of darkness gradually became clear again…

"Keep moving."

At that moment, Zen wanted nothing more than to meet a martial arts practitioner to gain more knowledge and information about the world he was in.

Just at the moment the darkness fell, Zen felt the earth suddenly tremble.

"Boom, boom, boom..."

Huge feet stomped heavily on the ground and formed many craters.

Not far from Zen was a 'mountain, ' which moved rather slowly. It turned out to be a huge monster's body that was about over ten thousand feet tall, but its head was surprisingly small.

After the gigantic being had walked for a while, it stopped and stretched out its tiny head towards the stone forest. It opened its mouth and began to chew on the branches and leaves.

'But those are stones--it even eats stones!' Zen thought. He was only about fifty feet away from the creature, and he was shocked to see it eat stones.

What he didn't know was that the stones contained life energy. Zen saw the stones as nothing different from the hard and brittle common stones, but they were natural food for the creatures in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

Perhaps such a creature's intelligence did not evolve in its evolutionary process. It had an enormous body, but not a predatory behavior. In fact, it had a rather mild nature.

Then again, in the world of nature, mild creatures were destined to become food

o him nor retreated. Instead, the bats kept a safe distance from him.

'I wonder why they keep following me, ' Zen thought. Suddenly, he felt very strange.

After Zen had advanced about four hundred miles, he finally reached the end of the stone forest. The bats stopped as well. They still wanted to follow Zen, but they seemed afraid of something ahead and kept hovering above Zen's head.

'What kind of powerful existence is there ahead of us?' Zen wondered.

The concept of fierce beasts came from the universe. Therefore, Zen knew that the creatures in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land couldn't just be classified under fierce beasts.

These creatures were also extremely territorial and refused to move forward. The land ahead of them must belong to other creatures.

Zen didn't hesitate too much before he continued to advance alone. Overall, the creatures he had encountered in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land weren't that powerful; or at least, there was nothing that could threaten Zen's life at the moment.

But as soon as Zen thought of it, he quickly dismissed the idea.

After he had passed through the stone forest, the next forest ahead seemed to be a normal one. It still looked lush and verdant despite its strange trees and flowers. It looked a lot better than the stone forest.

The moment Zen stepped into the forest, he heard the clatter of a horse's hooves.

Along the forest path galloped a small, handsome white horse with a sharp horn on its head.

'A unicorn?' Zen froze.

He no longer looked as calm as before, because the horse carried a woman on its back, and her cultivation level was at the peak of the Spirit Transformation Realm.

Aside from the woman, warriors with high cultivation levels and even some world lords followed behind her.

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