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   Chapter 1814 Stone Forest

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The sudden appearance of this elder from the Celestial Position made many Supreme Lords feel delighted and extremely happy.

They never imagined nor expected that there would be a True God in the Celestial Position. Relief washed over them, for it was a great help for them.

However, the Sacred race's True God left unhurriedly, leaving his son here, which meant that the other side did not take this True God of the Celestial Position seriously.

As for Supreme Lord of Original Sin, a smile appeared on his face as he heard Maha's words. "Your father just won't let you die. Get out!"

After his words, Supreme Lord of Original Sin flicked his long spear. As quick as it was, Maha only felt his vision blur as if a star had smashed into his chest. The explosive impact sent him flying back!

Watching this scene, the nine Supreme Lords didn't say a single word. Then they all soared into the sky, following their Godly Genius.

"Are we going to let them go just like that?" Supreme Lord of Original Sin indifferently asked as he casually rolled up his spear and held it in his hands.

The elder merely looked towards the direction they had left and insisted, "Let them go. All our chances will be lost once we slay a Godly Genius. It is not worth it."

After the Sacred race were all out of sight, Master Feng introduced this person to the Supreme Lords present.

Everyone was surprised as it turned out that this elder was the third disciple of the Holy Being. And his name was Wynn.

Because of the dispute among the Holy Beings, their disciples were either dead or injured. Wynn had escaped into the inner world of the Holy Being, which meant that he had not only managed to escape death, but he had also fallen into a long and deep slumber.

Many years ago, Wynn only woke up once to activate the bloodline of the Celestial Position.

Since the Celestial Position was set up by the disciples, it began to operate according to their designated path right after its activation at a designated time.

Among them, the head was one part of their arrangement, both the Genuine Dragon and Thoughtless Minds were one part of it, while Zen was the most important.

It was just that in the beginning, the disciples of the Holy Being had intended to treat Zen as a secret chess piece, hoping that he would grow in the dark, while Nathan was a distinct chess piece, having all the support of other Godly Geniuses.

However, there were still a lot of flaws in the way they operated. No matter how skilled the disciples were, they could not be counted as perfect.

Thus Zen won the first place, and in the end, Xenia had become the hidden chess piece.

But the rate at which the plan was being

was that there were numerous teleportation areas in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. They could appear at any location, but wherever it was, the first thing they must do was to hide.

The Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was a cruel world. At the same time, dead people could not be reborn, so if one wanted to train there, the first step was to live and keep alive.

It was an advantage on Zen's part that this desert was completely barren as it took him an hour to pass through the desert with ease. Not long after, he discerned a grey forest coming into his view. And as he got nearer, he realized that it was composed of stones!

Zen rapidly approached one of the trees and leaped lightly, and unknowingly, broke a branch as soon as he landed on the solid ground.

No matter how carefully he examined them, from the bark to the tree trunk, and then to the leaves, he found they were all stones!

It was not rather rare for trees to be turned into stones. For example, fossils were often formed when various creatures wallowed in the river of time. This area of the forest might have encountered some unforeseen situations, turning it into stones.

However, when Zen felt the life force flowing through the tree trunk, he was sure that the stone forest was still growing. They were born stones.

"In the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, anything that goes against common sense can happen. Don't be too surprised. The inner world of every Holy Being is different…"

One of Master Feng's warnings echoed in Zen's mind.

After Zen cautiously had observed the forest for a while, he laid the broken branch back on the ground and stealthily snuck into the stony forest.

What Zen did not know was that a gigantic creature had set its sights on him the moment he had entered the forest.

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