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   Chapter 1813 Threat (Part Two)

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Master Feng, Supreme Lord of Oracle, Supreme Lord of Original Sin, and Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment started moving almost simultaneously.

The giant hand slammed down on Zen at a very rapid speed. Even the formless power unleashed by Master Feng was instantly torn apart, unable to block it in the slightest.

"Do you really think we are afraid of a True God?"

Supreme Lord of Oracle's expression was as cold as an arctic ice. The short sword in her hand immediately transformed into a sharp stream of light in the air, lighting up the entire place.

The stream of light split into many jagged long hooks, and, with quick succession, hooked into the giant hand.

Earlier in the fight, Supreme Lord of Oracle had already witnessed the might of this giant hand, so she did not dare to underestimate its strength. She merely wanted to block its attacks.

As for Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment, he jumped into the air and morphed into a Buddha. With one quick step, he was already in front of Zen, determined to stop this giant hand.

Supreme Lord of Original Sin's expression turned solemn and focused as he disappeared from where he stood, nowhere to be found.

As for the other Supreme Lords, they stood in shock and were caught mentally unprepared. They could not fathom what was happening. Could it be that they were about to start a war with the Sacred race right now?

If the owner of this giant hand came out, how would the Supreme Lords manage to resist its powers?

Soon, all of the Supreme Lords' worries banished into thin air when a new figure joined them.

A peal of laughter rang in the air as a lean shadow slowly materialized in the space beside Zen. When the old man

se where the Sacred race resided, there was a True God who was tied down and couldn't leave. He had the responsibility to guard the universe first and foremost, so he was not able to come here in person.

When they heard his words, the other Supreme Lords nodded their heads, suddenly hit with enlightenment.

This old man had no real intent to kill Maha. At this moment, fighting them to death was neither wise nor prudent. The threat he had made to kill Maha was just a mere test.

"You have no right to know," the voice said in a cutting tone. The giant hand slowly withdrew, volunteering no further information. It had left Maha and the nine Supreme Lords alone.

Just now, the owner of this giant hand warned that should anyone dare to kill Maha, he would definitely retaliate by flattening the entire universe first. He said this not only because he was confident in his own strength, but also because he didn't consider the old man as his equal.

Maha tilted his head and sneered at Supreme Lord of Original Sin, cold arrogance taking over his face. "Heard that? So why aren't you moving your garbage spear away from me?"

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