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   Chapter 1812 Threat (Part One)

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As a member of the Sacred race, Maha knew the divine land better than anyone else in the universe. If he could say so himself, he knew the ins and outs of the land like the back of his hand.

Similar to the the Upper World and Lower World, the universe was a lower plane compared to the divine land.

The rules of cultivation in the universe were set by the Holy Being and no one else.

Because of this, it was natural for the people of the divine land to think of themselves highly and regard the creatures of the universe as weaker and inferior to them.

Even the Godly Geniuses had to painstakingly go through tens of millions of years of hard work just to have the qualifications to be on equal footing with the geniuses of the divine land. It took them endless blood and sweat, and a staggering massive amount of resources, just to get that far.

But this was simply the natural order of things and the glaring difference that they were born with.

Maha was the son of a True God. With his status and high birth, he was able to stand tall and be proud among the Sacred race.

However, he could never be satisfied with his current situation as long as he was still alive. He yearned for more.

He wanted to set out and go to the divine land to become a True God. In the past, he had already gone to the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land where he reaped quite a lot of benefits.

But it was not enough as he was still unable to become a True God, like he had wished. Actually, condensing a Godly Tile was a really hard feat to achieve.

Zen's words were hitting the wrong cord in Maha, and it made him frown. A dangerou

lways been thrown at others by him. What qualifications did the others have to treat him like he was a mere pest in their eyes?

He'd never thought that this Zen, the man who had made him feel uneasy and a tad bit afraid, would prove to be an even more arrogant prick than he was at this moment.

Unknowingly, the confrontation between the two universes gradually focused on the heated tension between Zen and Maha.

The Supreme Lords that had gathered within the Celestial Position race had yet to make a move. The same was true of the Supreme Lords and the True God's hand standing behind Maha. Everyone was standing still with bated breaths.

In the end, both of them stared the other off and hesitated to move. They didn't want to make a mistake and fall out with each other.

However, with Maha's arrogant and brash personality, he was not one to care about this sort of balance. He had never been at a disadvantageous position before. When he heard Zen's words, Maha let out an icy smile. Then he controlled the giant hand behind him and launched a direct attack toward Zen.

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