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   Chapter 1811 Deterrence

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This bolt of lightning was strange. It did not connect with the vitality between heaven and earth, nor did it use life vitality.

It looked like it was being transferred from Maha's mind. The shape of the lightning was quite different from the ones in the universe.

Maha had said he would teach Lawson a lesson, but the power of this bolt of lightning was beyond just that. It was extraordinary!

All the Supreme Lords in the universe restrained themselves this time.

Maha belonged to the Sacred race. His status was such that even a Supreme Lord in his race might just listen to his commands.

But Maha had gone too far with his actions against a Godly Geniuse.

"You're courting death! How dare you!"

The patriarch of the Lie Clan was the first to step out. A vigorous aura shot into the sky as the atmosphere of the Breaking Cloud Sacred Place surged.

But Maha's lightning arc had already struck. It was too late to stop it.


The arcing bolt of lightning pierced Lawson's body with a keening sounding, not unlike a pig being butchered.

The lightning bolt didn't look overly powerful and seemed to be one that was meant to merely teach a lesson. But Lawson frantically rolled around on the ground like a twisting water snake.

It was rare to see Lawson in such pain, which could only mean that the bolt of lightning was extremely torturous.

The patriarch of the Lie Clan was torn between attending to Lawson's injuries and attacking Maha.

A cold light flashed in the patriarch's hand, indicating the appearance of a dragon-headed saber. He raised the saber and brought it slashing down without any hesitation.

The nine Supreme Lords beside Maha moved into different positions. Each of them flashed a pale green ring, the lights of which quickly connected to each other.

They had set up an array formation!

Since Supreme Lords had different types of Heavenly Destinies, it was very rare for them to cultivate an array together.

This was happening only in the universe where Zen was.

In the universe where the Sacred race came from, almost every supreme world was occupied by the Sacred race. Small races like the humans, the Demon Night, and the ogres were all concentrated in two or three supreme worlds, like pets of the Sacred race.

This made the Sacred Race a highly unified one.

In this universe, however, many Supreme Lords couldn't choose which Crown of Destiny to bear.

Since the Crown of Destiny usually appeared randomly after the fall of a Supreme Lord, whoever seized it would bear it. It didn't matter which rank the Heav

and, his eyes narrowed.

As he was sizing the hand up, Zen felt an unfriendly gaze lock onto him. It was from Maha.

Their gazes met and their hearts skipped a collective beat.

Maha usually looked down on these Godly Geniuses. But the moment he had looked at Zen, he had understood almost instantly that this was the boy that had won the Illusion Battlefield. Although Zen's cultivation was only at the Spirit Supreme Realm, his potential was surprisingly strong.

Zen's eyes were calm. As he looked at Maha, there wasn't a trace of anger in them. It was as if this was a matter of course.

The two of them looked at each other for less than three seconds. But Zen's face contorted into a contemptuous smile.

"What are you laughing at?" Maha was annoyed at this show of contempt. In any case, he had already broken off all decorum. Maha predicted that these Supreme Lords didn't dare fight here. So he addressed Zen.

This Maha had come prepared today. Even if they couldn't negotiate, they would still rely on the deterrence of a True God to display their might.

"I'm laughing at you, a mere world lord. You can't wait to use the power of the True God behind you, and yet you feel proud of yourself?" Zen asked calmly.

Maha's face fell. He had long since had the opportunity to bear the Heavenly Destiny. At the time, there had even been a supreme Heavenly Destiny that would help him become a top-rank Supreme Lord. But he had chosen to give it up. He would become bound by the heavens after bearing the Heavenly Destiny, unable to cross the heavens to become a True God.

To him, the sacrifice was too great. He had the ambition to become a True God, and this ambition was now not too far away from him.

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