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   Chapter 1810 Failure Of Negotiation

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Maha must be of a remarkably high status as the Supreme Lords were so respectful towards him.

He had already been as strong as a world lord, which was probably why it was not too difficult for him to get a Heavenly Destiny in another universe.

He was not a Supreme Lord, but a Godly Genius.

Maha had the true qualifications to become a True God.

Maha wiped the blood off his mouth, shook his head, and said, "I've come here on behalf of the Sacred race and I have only one goal this time."

"Just tell us," Supreme Lord of Oracle said coldly. She was clutching the small, exquisite sword in her hand so tight, and the knuckles of her hand were almost white.

If both sides fell out, she would kill him immediately. But Maha was a Godly Genius with the potential to become a True God. Since the Sacred race had dared send him to negotiate, they must definitely have a way to protect him.

Maha smiled faintly as he said, "The truth is that we do not like to fight and kill. We shouldn't use force to resolve this matter if we can help it. This is too barbaric."

"Oh? You mean that the Sacred race will withdraw from our universe?" Supreme Lord of Oracle asked.

The other Supreme Lords listened attentively, not knowing just what Maha was up to.

Every race in the universe would be quite relieved if the members of the Sacred race were to leave the universe.

Maha shook his head. "There are over a hundred thousand supreme worlds in this universe, with vast lands and sparse population. Our Sacred race has a countless number of descendants. We can establish our own sect here and coexist harmoniously with you. What do you think?"

Everyone was shocked at Maha's words.

Zen sneered.

What Maha said was surprising and his intention was unfathomable. The Sacred race was much stronger than many races in the universe. If this race passed through the Sighing Wall and established their own sect here, they could easily take control of this universe with their firm backing and support.

"Personally, I think this plan is really good," Maha said with a broad smile.

Supreme Lord of Oracle looked solemn as she turned to look at the head of the Celestial Position race who was standing beside her.

Master Feng mirrored Supreme Lord of Oracle's expression. These Supreme Lords were communicating with each other through the life vitality.

They had understood what the Sacred race was planning on doing the moment Maha had proposed this plan.

The Sacred race never lost an opportunity to invade the universe, but right now, they didn't want an all-out war.

If the Supreme Lords agreed to Maha's request, they could give Zen and the other Godly Geniuses more time.

As long as two or three of the ten Godly Geniuses became True Gods, they would have a chance to change the fate of the entire universe.

The Sacred ra

Supreme Lords quickly came to an agreement.

The head of the Celestial Position race glanced at Maha once again. Maha knew that this group of Supreme Lords had reached an agreement, but he still smiled and asked, "So? What about my suggestion?" To him, the humans and the ogres were inferior races.

These races didn't have a noble purpose of survival. In fact, they would compromise anything and everything in order to survive.

But Master Feng responded, "There are many races in the universe, and no supreme world is superfluous. I represent all the forces in the universe as I reject your plan."

Maha's cynical smile disappeared at Master Feng's words. He was cursing him from within, but his voice was calm as he threatened Master Feng. "You have only one chance."

Everything would have been okay if Maha hadn't made such threatening remarks.

But at his words, Master Feng and the other Supreme Lords laughed.

When one became a Supreme Lord, their mental states became stable as steel. Their decision couldn't change that easily.

Maha's threat had exposed the fact that the Sacred race had not enough confidence and strength.

Even Zen and the others saw that the Sacred race was bluffing.

"We don't need the Sacred race giving us opportunities. You can start a war if you have the guts!" Lawson laughed coldly.

Of these ten Godly Geniuses, Lawson was the most eccentric. In fact, his character was somewhat similar to Maha's. He couldn't help but mock Maha's long rambling.

The failure of this negotiation infuriated Maha. His anger only multiplied at Lawson's words. His purple eyes shone with lightning.

"You are just a Spirit Supreme Realm warrior. How dare you interrupt us like that? I must teach you a lesson on behalf of your elders!" As his voice fell, the lightning in Maha's eyes formed an arc in the air. Before anyone could react, it shot towards Lawson.

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