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   Chapter 1809 The Godly Genius Named Maha

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Master Feng's expression was cold as he stared at Maha the warrior.

If the huge mountain had been split open, even if it later closed, it should have left a crack behind. However, with just a light step by Master Feng, the crack running down Breaking Cloud Mountain began to heal itself just like a human's wound would do.

Even though his opponent was only a world lord, he represented the invader side. This person must be an individual of great significance, so Master Feng did not choose to immediately attack.

The collapse of the Sighing Wall was completely beyond everyone's expectations. Furthermore, the Spring race was destroyed too quickly for the Celestial Position to take any action to prevent it.

It was only to be expected that after the Sacred race had occupied the three supreme worlds, they would rapidly advance, taking over one supreme world after another!

Given their current strength, the Sacred race could easily achieve their goal without difficulty.

However, it was at this moment, that instead of advancing they had suddenly begun negotiations. Even the Supreme Lords were puzzled. They wondered what the Sacred race was trying to achieve?

"Haha, the rumors said that, although he is a Supreme Lord, the Heavenly Destiny this old man carries is very special. He has the strength to fight a True God, it seems like the rumors are true," Maha slowly rubbed his nose and said thoughtfully.

Although the ten Godly Geniuses sometimes secretly called the head of the Celestial Position race "old man", in the entire universe only Xenia dared to call him that publicly.

This Maha was merely world lord, yet he spoke so casually. He respected the head of the Celestial Position in his words, however, in fact, everyone could tell just how arrogant he was.

"A mere world lord dares to act so presumptuously? The dignified Sacred race isn't that big of a deal," the Supreme Lord of Oracle could also bear it no longer. Her beautiful face clouded with gloom.

After being scolded by Supreme Lord of Oracle, Maha remained calm. He turned his head to take in the appearance of Supreme Lord of Oracle, and then clicked his tongue twice, "It's said that among the four greatest Supreme Lords in the universe, Supreme Lord of Oracle is known for her unrivalled beauty. Seeing is believing."

Even as he spoke, Maha didn't bother to conceal the lewd and evil intent lurking in his eyes.

"How dare you!"

Supreme Lord Healum was unable to watch any longer. With a flip of his hand, he sent a slap flying!

When a Supreme Lord took action, the world would be destroyed.

This slap contained sufficient power to kill a world lord.

In his anger, Supreme Lord Healum did not hold himself at all!


The slap from Supreme Lord Healum had transformed into a gigantic golden palm image.

However, Maha didn't show the slightest sign of panic. As he stood there on the spot, a faint treasure light emerged from his body!

The palm shadow suddenly struck Maha's light and it instantly shattered, disappearing without a tra

reme Lord from Sacred race was able to do just that.

In the blink of an eye, all of the roses had been crushed!

Maha faintly smiled and was about to speak when an intense pain enveloped his mind. His entire body instantly fell to the ground and he began to wail.

Supreme Lord of Oracle stared at Maha coldly. She had held back just now. Otherwise, she would have completely destroyed Maha's soul!

"Damn it, this is great!"

"This fellow should be taught a lesson!"

"He has probably been tortured quite miserably!"

Seeing Maha's miserable condition, Lawson and the others felt their hearts start to swell with joy.

After Maha had rolled on the ground for a good while, the pain gradually dissipated. As he slowly got to his feet, a trace of blood appeared at the corner of his mouth!

Maha wiped away the blood, but still retained a smile on his face. "Ha-ha, a beauty gifted me flowers that left behind a lingering fragrance…"

It was probably Maha's plan to continue insulting them. But, that Supreme Lord from Sacred race that stood in front of Maha finally couldn't help but remind him. "Godly Genius, don't play with them. Let's get down to business!"

"Godly Genius?"

"Is this guy also a Godly Genius?"

"His cultivation is much higher than ours. This is unfair."

Upon hearing this form of address, Lucille and the rest were also stunned.

Now that the ten Godly Geniuses from the universe had been selected, the one with the highest cultivation was Nathan, who was only at the middle stage of the Spirit Supreme Realm.

As for the others, they were still at the early stage of the Spirit Supreme Realm. As Margaret had entered the Illusion Battlefield, she had not gone through any serious battles or experiences, and her cultivation was still only at the late stage of the Soul Sea Realm!

But this Maha, who was also a Godly Genius, was actually a world lord? The guy who could break through to the True God realm at any time?

Now, Zen and the others finally understood why Maha was so confident.

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