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   Chapter 1808 The Invaders (Part Two)

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The events of the first two months were more than enough to make him realize he had to do something promptly. Originally, he had anticipated the final month to be peaceful, but now, in the midst of all these events, it was destined to be fully chaotic. The universe had no chance of being peaceful.

A very startling thing happened in the third month. The unbreakable Sighing Wall was broken!

When three hundred ace talents competed on the Heaven Earth Board, the first ace talent to be eliminated was a warrior from the Spring race.

For a weak race like the Spring race to produce an ace talent was already an inconceivable thing. After all, there were very few members of the Spring race, and they only occupied three poor supreme worlds. Therefore, a Supreme Lord predicted that this great danger would erupt within the Spring race.

In the end, it proved that the Supreme Lord's deduction was correct.

When the Sighing Wall was broken through, the invaders like locusts quickly occupied the territory of the Spring race. In no time, the entire clan was completely annihilated.

This news exploded in everyone's ears like thunder, shocking the entire universe.

Everyone knew that the apocalypse would come soon, but not even in their wildest dreams would they think it would happen this soon. The violent manner in which it happened shook everyone to the core.

However, a strange thing happened which further startled everyone. The invaders occupied only the territories of three supreme worlds and didn't continue to advance.

Zen and the others were also paying close attention to this matter. Since the invaders behind the Sighing Wall had arrived in a blink of an eye, they wondered if there was still a need for them to enter the Divine Refinement

eme Lords of another universe.

"They are from…. the Sacred race?" Zen's eyebrows twitched as he whispered.

Lucille asked curiously, "What Sacred race?"

"A powerful race," replied Zen.

When Zen had stepped into the True Path in his fairy palace, the opponents whom he had encountered during the assessment were all warriors from the Sacred race.

According to Saul, the Sacred race was the most perfect race, while the Demon Night race, the human race, the ogre race paled in comparison. This was because all the humanoid races seemed to be descended from the Sacred race. Hence the Sacred race had the advantage over many different races!

As Maha spoke, he shot downwards at an extremely high speed. The instant his feet hit the ground, a massive crack suddenly burst out from the center of this crystal clear Breaking Cloud Mountain.

Master Feng's face darkened. With a slight push from his feet, the crack once again closed. It seemed like the crack didn't appear all this time.

The negotiation was yet to begin but the two sides seemed to be at loggerheads already. Each one of those present had their own ideas and was wondering what the result would be.

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