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   Chapter 1807 The Invaders (Part One)

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Observing the small fish in his hand, Zed was momentarily stunned.

Creatures formed from life vitality would be restored to life vitality once they moved to the external world. As per this law, since this little fish had been removed from the external world by Zen, it was bound to be converted into chaotic energy.

However, the scales of this little fish continued to remain bright silver. Also, the strong stench of the fish persevered.

The little fish struggled in Zen's hand for a while. But soon, Zen tossed it gently into the air. It drew an arc in the air and landed in the pond beneath the pavilion, splashing water. Once again it began to swim freely.

According to Zen's current understanding, the universe was one level higher than the ordinary inner world.

Whether people used the visualization technique to visualize treasures or used life vitality to nurture creatures within the inner world, in the end, they would all return to their original state. This was because cultivation was originally meant to seize heaven and earth, and now was the time to return heaven and earth back to heaven and earth where they ultimately belonged.

As for chaotic energy, there was no point in returning it.

That was not a product of the heavens and didn't need to be returned.

Thinking of this, Zen began to sigh in his heart. He had never anticipated that crossing the heavens would be such a complex matter!

For the creatures of the universe, they had to become Godly Geniuses in order to cross the heavens and enter the divine land.

This was because this was the inner world of a Holy Being. After leaving the inner world, they would return to life vitality. The life vitality of a Holy Being was seized from the divine land, so naturally it had to b

he Supreme Lords uttered a word about it. On the contrary, the Supreme Lords of the ogre were especially hardworking, and it was said that whenever the ancient sorcerer race attacked, the ogre race would always be the first to rush in.

The more Zen came to see the turn of events, the more worried he became. He realized that he didn't know much about the crisis, and he couldn't control anything. 'What can I do to get things under control?' he thought anxiously

It wasn't the first time Zen was dealing with troubles. In fact, he had faced a lot of obstacles in the past. However, back then he was very clear about where the trouble came from. On top of that, he had good knowledge about how to deal with it. Now, Zen was clutched by a sense of powerlessness, not because he was afraid of these dangers, but because he could not completely grasp all the information. Nine dragons remained to stay shut, so did Lavender. Zen was unable to discriminate the right from the wrong now.

The only thing Zen knew with certainty was that the universe was going to face the invaders. As the leader of the top ten Godly Geniuses, Zen was obliged to do something to solve this problem.

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