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   Chapter 1806 Real Inner World

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Standing tall and proud, the structure of the Tower of Illusory was almost identical to the Tower of Sin which Zen had entered.

Many core disciples of the Celestial Position race were fighting in combat in the Tower of Illusory. The rules, however, weren't as cruel as the rules in the Tower of Sin.

It was believed that a treasure like the Tower of Sin could drive almost all of the races to insanity if it would be placed in a great world, because the competition was too intense, and weak races would surely crumble under the brunt of its cruel rules.

When Zen and the others entered, all heads turned to them in curiosity and intrigue.

The new disciples of the Celestial Position race shared the same thoughts and knew that this group of monsters was here to humiliate them.

Another difference between the two towers was that the list on the Tower of Illusory's Talent Tablet was comparably longer than the list on the Tower of Sin's Talent Tablet. It was because this tower had always been in the Upper World and had never been lost.

The list of names at the top of the Talent Tablet didn't change very often. It would usually take over hundreds of years for someone to obtain a title.

However, in the short span of a few days, different titles appeared at the top of the list one after another.

A string of golden titles lined up on the list in a blinding light, illuminating the tower.

The core disciples weren't surprised. In fact, they expected it. They thought if the top ten martial artists of the younger generation of the universe couldn't obtain a title, then who else could?

This time, it was Zen who led a group of people into the Tower of Illusory.

Almost all of these core disciples had participated in the Illusion Battlefield, and many of them had even managed to enter the second stage. Of course, they knew who the person walking in front of them was. After all, Zen was number one in the Illusion Battlefield.

"Zen also changed his blood. I wonder what sort of title he'll get."

"I've heard that Zen was accepted by the Celestial Position race long ago."

"But he did not enter the Tower of Illusory before..."

Only a few higher ranks in the Celestial Position race knew what kind of title Zen had.

Not long after, the number of martial artists that followed him increased tenfold as he ascended the floors of the Tower of Illusory. When he reached the tenth floor, the sea of martial artists walking behind him nearly took up all of the space of the entire floor.

Under everyone's watchful gaze, Zen opened the door and entered the Talent Tablet.

Initially, Zen was unwilling to enter the Talent Tablet, but since he had come, he decided to take it seriously.

When he entered the Talent Tablet, everyone held their breath and wondered what kind of title he'd receive.

"Zen, you are the best," Margaret told Zen, eager to encourage him. She was full of confidence that Zen could do this.

Nathan kept his mouth shut. He had the golden Asura title, and in his opinion, even though Zen had defeated him, his talent couldn't be stronger than his.

Rocher and Xenia just watched quietly. Unlike the others, the both of them knew more.

For example, they knew that Zen's blood was currently the most special out of all the blood present in the tower. There were only two copie

sorcerer race suddenly orchestrated an attack, there were already countless rumors spreading throughout the supreme worlds. Many martial artists began to spread the theory of the apocalypse.

Those martial artists who were struggling suddenly realized that they no longer had the motivation to advance. Disciples of many sacred places also stopped being active, refusing to advance even in their dreams. All of them had lost their hopes and passion.

The apocalypse was about to arrive soon anyway, so what was the point? These martial artists didn't even have the qualifications to struggle in the apocalypse. Why not enjoy the last bits of this short period of time?

In the same span of time, Zen's inner world had undergone another change as he cultivated.

The time flow rate of the inner world was much different from the time flow rate of the outside.

Actually, in this current stage, Zen's inner world still lacked a complete concept of time. In theory, the time flow rate of his inner world should be countless times faster compared to the time flow rate of the universe.

As he trained and developed himself further, Zen occasionally used his inner sight to look around. He discovered that some of the more complex life forms had already been born within his inner world.

As he looked inside, he noticed that the chaotic sea was teeming with creatures. There were even many giant fishes that slowly swam under the lapping waves.

According to the rules of cultivation, after the owner of the inner world died, the creatures within would immediately dissipate into a mass of life vitality. Even a True God was no exception.

The only one who could surpass this rule was most likely a Holy Being.

But even a Holy Being wouldn't be able to bring out any living being from their inner world. It was simply impossible. Leaving the inner world of a Holy Being was crossing the heavens and leaving the universe. Only these Godly Geniuses could do such an impossible feat. If a Supreme Lord were to forcefully leave this universe, they would die and turn into the life vitality in an instant.

At this very moment, while he was swimming in his own thoughts, a little fish suddenly materialized in Zen's hand.

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