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   Chapter 1805 The Titles Of The Godly Geniuses

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The existence of these ten Godly Geniuses was imperative to the entire universe.

With their talents, they would eventually grow to become world lords and then break through the limitation of the heavens. However, not much time was left to do so.

Some Supreme Lords had determined that it would take some more time for their enemies to break through the Sighing Wall.

This could take a hundred years or even a thousand years, but it could also be achieved within ten years.

The ancient sorcerer race had already taken action, which meant that the other side was prepared…

In sending the Godly Geniuses to the Celestial Position, the purpose was that they finally landed in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

It was said that the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land did not belong to this universe, but it was not located in the divine land either. Rather, it originated from some special part of the divine land.

Even True Gods were only capable of constructing their own inner worlds.

Only a Holy Being could construct a true land outside of the divine land.

It was said that the Holy Being who had built the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land had a mysterious existence within the divine land. It was not known why he had built it.

He did not construct a giant world like the universe to stabilize himself. The Divine Refinement Forbidden Land he had built was a cultivation ground.

Not only did the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land accept creatures from the inner worlds of the great Holy Beings, which were also the creatures in the universes, newborn creatures from the divine land were also welcome there.

True Gods had their own descendants, known as newborn creatures.

In a sense, the divine land was the true main world. Living beings like Zen, who were born into the inner world of a Holy Being, belonged to the first level of life...

When the vast majority of newborn creatures were born, they spent their time cultivating in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. It was the land where they could be trained into a True God, after all.

And although most of the newborn creatures were descendants of the True Gods, it was not easy for them to become True Gods themselves. In reality, a vast majority of the newborn creatures were cruelly eliminated. This brutal law applied to the universe, as well as to the divine land.

"Entering the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land is a special occasion for us—the warriors of the universe. I hope you all can seize this chance well..." Master Feng reminded Zen and the others as he finished explaining the details of the land.

"If we are to enter the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, won't we have to pass through the Sighing Wall and leave the universe?" Lucille asked.

To the warriors, the Sighing Wall seemed as if it was the last layer of protection in the universe. If it were so easy to penetrate, would it not be too easy for invaders from the other universes to enter and create havoc?

Master Feng understood Lucille in

ng to the Talent Tablet in the Tower of Illusory.

Rocher and the others were also following along. Zen and the rest heard Xenia whisper to Rocher. "Your Rakshasa title could be considered the third highest title, and it's even in gold. It's shocking. Only several hundred talents possess the golden titles in the Celestial Position; only five golden Celestial Position titles, seven golden Asura titles and nine golden Rakshasa titles. Nathan is too powerful because he has come to obtain the golden title of the Asura!"

"I'm also powerful, for I'm the golden Rakshasa!" Margaret said with a smile, excitement evident on her face.

Out of the ten Godly Geniuses, only Nathan had obtained the title of the golden Asura. Other than him, Margaret and the others were all golden Rakshasa. Xenia and Karl had obtained their titles in the Tower of Illusory several years ago.

For the past few days, Margaret had been tagging along as they tried to cultivate in various secret lands. She didn't stick around Zen this time.

Margaret's attention had latched on to Zen again. She was also a bit curious about Zen's talent. Her figure floated lightly and she grabbed Zen's arm, smiling sweetly as she said, "My darling, please go and take the test on the Talent Tablet, won't you?"

Upon hearing her words, Nathan, Rocher, Kurt, and the rest all turned to look at Zen.

Not many knew that Zen had the title of the golden Celestial Position. The three towers were not linked. However, the head of the Celestial Position race should have known about it. After all, Dorothea and the rest must have reported it back then.

"You can have a try. It won't take much time," Rocher said, smiling.

Zen had wanted to refuse, but since the others had already been there, it did not seem like a good idea for him to deny the challenge. Under such circumstances, Zen had no choice but to agree.

He was all too familiar with the testing process of the Talent Tablet. To simply enter it would not take him much time.

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