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   Chapter 1804 Divine Refinement Forbidden Land

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Zen stayed in the void for a long time.

Several streams of different powerful consciousness successively launched attacks against the will of the great worlds, but Zen blocked and annihilated all of them in one go.

There were a staggering total of forty-five attacks that were aimed at the will of the great worlds.

Some of the streams of consciousness evidently came from the same person. Afraid to be killed by Zen, they focused all their effort and attacked at rapid successions to gain a solid foothold within the will of the great worlds.

However, their efforts were in vain.

There were one million and thirty three great worlds' wills that fused together, which worked to Zen's advantage and had been taken for his own uses. Who knew just how powerful this new fused will was?

Even if those streams of consciousness were as strong and mighty as Supreme Lords, just a mere thought from Zen was enough to crush all of them like pesky ants under his boots. They stood no chance against his prowess.

The destruction of the consciousness had caused great damages to the souls that had sent out the consciousness. After Zen killed the streams of consciousness over and over, the souls that were initially unwilling to give up finally saw how futile their attempts had been and stopped. It didn't take long before the great world fell into silence.

"Those guys must have come from the sorcerer race," Zen analyzed with deep calmness.

With undivided attention, he tried to search through the memories of the great world's will to pin down the location of the creatures that launched the attacks, but the memories that came out were completely blank and gave him no substantial information. These people were definitely not aboriginals of the great worlds, and they could not be Master Feng or the other Supreme Lords with him either. The only one whom he suspected that was most likely to have done it was the sorcerer race.

After the attacks ceased, Zen continued to move forward in the void. He traveled all the way without rest until he reached the location of the Chaotic Ocean of Stars. The area behind it, he noted, was completely bare and empty.

Zen originally thought this was the lair of the sorcerer race, but now, he found that there were no living creatures existing here. Could it be that they had already been cleared by Master Feng and the others?

Of course, he did not know that in order to spread the fake will, all the sorcerer race members had already sacrificed themselves. Even the tower that originally existed there had been burnt to ashes.

Oblivious to that information, Zen opened a crack and entered the space on the front side of this world.

He didn't expect that what awaited outside the crack was a calm and peaceful scenery.

"This... Is this still the Chaotic Ocean of Stars?" Zen asked, stunned and completely at a loss for words.

The storm that had been ravaging in the skies above the Chaotic Ocean of Stars for countless years had vanished into thin air, as if it had never been there.

A gentle wave slowly lapped at Zen's feet. The sea, which was once angry and

he sorcerer race was not the biggest threat from the start. The most powerful threat came from the other side of the Sighing Wall, and the Sighing Wall could be broken down any moment. So the Godly Geniuses must improve their cultivation as soon as possible to prepare for the worst.

A few days later, all the disciples had come back to the Cloud Hall upon Letitia's summons. Once they were all gathered, she announced her intent and passed the position of leadership to Morphens.

Subsequently, Zen took Geoffrey and his wives to the fairy palace, and then he activated the Teleportation Token again. He was more than ready to return to the supreme world where the Celestial Position was.

Although the Teleportation Token was extremely convenient and could allow Zen to travel freely, there was a problem at hand. It was difficult for him to pinpoint the exact location, whether it was in the supreme world he wanted to go or in the great world.

Fortunately, it wasn't that difficult to move in the great world through flying because the great world wasn't very large to begin with. And with Zen's current speed, it wouldn't take him too much time to cross it. But it was a different case with the supreme world. No matter where he landed in the supreme world, it would still be very far from his destination.

This time, he encountered the same problem. Zen had been sent to the edge of the supreme world, which frustrated him to no end.

If he couldn't find the ascending passageway right away, even if he traveled at the maximum speed, it would still take him at least half a year to reach his destination.

Helpless and left with no other choice, Zen could only resort to the Roaring Token to call for help.

When Zen finally returned to the Celestial Position, the ten Godly Geniuses were finally reunited. Zen noticed that Nathan's originally blind eyes had now recovered.

One other thing that changed was Nathan's behavior toward him. His strong hostility toward Zen was gone, probably because he had saved Nathan before. Zen smiled, pleased at the turn of events.

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