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   Chapter 1803 Shut The Strange Consciousness Out

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Zen's soul had merged with the wills of all the great worlds.

The wills of the great worlds did not possess their own intellect. They would only respond to the damage done to their respective great worlds by reacting instinctively.

Zen's soul could already control all of the great worlds to some extent.

The strange consciousness was exceedingly strong, and not something that Zen could contend with his current soul.

However, he had the upper hand. He did not need to rely on his own soul to resist the consciousness.

He could summon the wills of all the great worlds to resist it.

No matter how powerful one's soul was, it was impossible for it to resist the will of a great world. Moreover, now there were wills of one million and thirty-three great worlds. No creature in the universe would be able to deal with the shocking number of wills.

Even a Supreme Lord who was skilled in cultivating the soul would fail to obstruct these wills.

'This strange consciousness seems to be using some sort of secret technique and wants to fuse with the wills of the great worlds.' A curious expression appeared on Zen's face as he pondered over the situation.

His soul had been unintentionally merged into the wills of the great worlds, but it seemed as if his enemy had done it on purpose.

Zen smiled faintly. The wills of the great worlds followed his thought, and a trace of killing intent flickered.


A formless killing intent began to spread out.

All the living beings in the one million and thirty-three great worlds looked up at the same time.

The trace of killing intent was felt by all of them, including countless nature creatures, Illuminating Soul Realm warriors and Internal Elixir Realm warriors, lords of sacred places, emperors of divine kingdoms, vicious beasts hidden underground, mighty warriors perched atop mountains...

"This is the killing intent of the heavens!"

"The heavens are furious. Just who is it that has caused the heavens to be enraged?"

"Please don't be angry!"

"This is a great opportunity! I might learn something from the heavens."

Countless creatures were trying to uncover the meaning behind this killing intent. They didn't know that a germ of an idea in Zen's mind had sparked this vicious killing intent.

Just how powerful was this killing intent?

In just a split-second, the powerful invading consciousness was extinguished by the wills of the great worlds.

The powerful consciousness was like a candle flame in a torrential downpour, completely fragile and weak. As a result, it was put out instantly!

The Supreme Lords also sensed the murderous intent at the same time.

Master Feng, Supreme Lord of Original Sin, Supreme Lord of Oracle and the others were also baffled. What was the source of this killing intent?

They refused to believe that the great worlds would be so angry.

The great worlds indeed had their wills, but the wills couldn't transform into various emotions and act upon them. The heavens were like a puppet that could only operate according to certain laws.

What they did not expect was that the moment the killing intent

est of the Supreme Lords' faces slowly turned into relieved smiles.

They had already known about the sorcerer race's plans. Just a moment ago, they were extremely worried. After all, once all the great worlds were under the sorcerer race's control, they would be on the defensive. But now, they were witnessing the defeat of the Torch Dragon with triumphant smiles.

The Supreme Lords were also rather confused. Judging by the Torch Dragon's pitiful cry, it seemed that her soul had been damaged badly, so apart from them, who in the universe could possibly harm her?

In their confusion, these Supreme Lords began to attack the Torch Dragon.

The Torch Dragon had already taken the human form, and her power was much weaker now. If she fused with the wills of the great worlds, these Supreme Lords would have no chance of defeating her. But now, all her hopes had turned to ashes, and in the end, she was beheaded by Supreme Lord of Oracle.

The flame on her head continued to blaze. The Candle Dragon's fire was considered to be a rare one, so they obviously wouldn't extinguish it. Even after the Torch Dragon had been dead for many years, the flame would still continue to burn brightly.

"The sorcerer race has actually devised a method to seize the heavens. That's really amazing!" Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment sighed. The Blessed Buddha Land led by him was powerful, but they were unable to come up with a plan like this. "But what happened? Why did the Torch Dragon fail?"

Master Feng shook his head. He was also puzzled by the killing intent that arose in the great worlds. After pondering for a long while, he came to a conclusion. "It's possible that a traitor has appeared within the sorcerer race. One of them has fused with the wills of the great worlds and rejected the other wills."

This was the only hypothesis Master Feng could make based on the clues at hand.

How could he have known that someone else had fused with the wills of the great worlds and was now controlling them? And that person was not a member of the sorcerer race. It was none other than Zen!

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