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   Chapter 1802 The Invader

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After Zen had fused with the great world's will, he had become the son of the great world.

He actually became the master of the great world.

This was the reason why he could transfer the power he had received into the great world. He could even look through the memories of any time and place if he wished.

However, as the strange will spread out, it gradually integrated itself into the will of the great world.

Zen wasn't able to do anything to prevent this from happening. Because his will was fused with the great world's, the three wills were now fused together.

It also surprised Zen that this strange will had spread out at an extremely rapid pace.

In just half a minute, the will had already extended beyond the great world. It engulfed the wills of some other great worlds and continued to expand rapidly.

"Huh?" Zen was astonished.

In the past, the great world was damaged and had an opening. Zen sensed that he could explore great worlds beyond it, such as the ocean of the nearest neighboring great world.

At that moment, however, he knew and he felt that the range of his perception was rapidly increasing at an incredible rate.

He perceived everything happening within the four surrounding great worlds.

For instance, the southern great world only had one giant continent. This continent had a land area that was almost 20 times larger than the Divine Kingdom Continent. The sea realm there was not too large; it was only about a third of the great world.

The northern great world was the complete opposite. The entire great world was surrounded by water, with islands interspersed throughout the ocean. On these islands existed diverse kinds of creatures, but the majority were humans.

After two minutes, Zen realized he could perceive sixteen great worlds.

After around five minutes, he already sensed more than 400 great worlds.

It was at that point that the speed at which the will was frantically spreading out gradually slowed down.

'The will's limit of expansion is less than five hundred great worlds?' Zen continuously reached inside his consciousness as he came up with a rough estimate.

He wasn't sure if he could transfer the power he received into these great worlds. If he was able to do so, it would be an enormous enhancement for his

Supreme Lord, he would be at a disadvantage. After all, if the Torch Dragon was to use its tail to strike through a land area, it would be possible to destroy a land mass. If Zen transferred the attacks of a Supreme Lord to the great worlds, he knew that all the great worlds would most probably be destroyed.

He continued to sense changes in the wills of the great worlds.

At the same moment, when Master Feng and the others felt this change, their faces became gloomy.

"Is this the true plan of the sorcerer race?" Supreme Lord of Original Sin's face was dark.

"They actually want to control the heavens! This is impossible!" Supreme Lord of Oracle frowned.

As they watched, the Torch Dragon in front of them underwent a drastic transformation. Its huge body constantly twisted and shrunk. It had chosen to take a human form at this moment.

Its previously colossal body finally transformed into the appearance of a petite woman. However, this woman did not have hair anywhere on her body. Instead, a slow-burning flame was on top of her head.

After taking form, the Torch Dragon was still covered in wounds. But she stared at the various Supreme Lords and smiled coldly. "Sorry, guys. You've already lost."

As soon as she finished speaking, a map-like rune slowly appeared on her forehead. The rune flickered like a firefly, which caused the Torch Dragon to enter a certain state.

Zen, who was still enjoying his exploration of the great worlds, suddenly felt a strong will invade the will of the great world.

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