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   Chapter 1801 Overpower This Great World's Will

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The Supreme Lords were summoned here by Supreme Lord Mirage and Supreme Lord Sky.

Upon arrival, the first thing they did was to protect the eight Godly Geniuses. Now that things had calmed down a bit, they were very eager to leave. Zen, however, was determined to stay.

Since the young man insisted, then they would not force him. They willingly left him there with Margaret before flying into the void.

The space imprisonment must have been lifted since these Supreme Lords managed to come here.

Zen was now left behind due to his decision to stay.

He had a lot of things to address. No matter how the situation in the great world developed, it was his utmost priority to relocate Letitia and the others to a safer place.

With this in mind, he took both Letitia and Margaret with him and left Cloud Hall. They eventually met up with Imogen and Geoffrey three hundred miles north of Cloudy City, and then also managed to run into Lewis, Patrick, and a few others.

Then Zen activated the token of mountain in front of everyone.

He hadn't told them anything about the fairy palace since it was something whose secrets he could not easily reveal to others. Given their current situation, however, Zen figured that this place could serve as a temporary refuge for all of them. He didn't worry too much about them being there since the fairy palace itself imposed restrictions everywhere and without his tokens they couldn't freely move around in the fairy palace.

Zen, however, did not enter the fairy palace.

Ever since his return to this great world, he felt something off. It was as if it had undergone some changes with its will which was really strange.

One end of the great world was broken. That meant that two great worlds were connected to each other without any hindrances between them!

He also discovered that the barrier at the other end of this great world was gone as well!

Zen tried to search through the memories of the great world's will for an explanation but he found nothing. Right now, however, he was sure of two things: the barriers were definitely destroyed by someone, and the person who destroyed them was most definitely not from around here. This was highly possible to be the work of the sorcerer race, as for their intentions of doing so, Zen had no idea.

This was his primary reason for staying.

The turmoil in Cloud Hall plunged the entire Central Region into

due to the stormland in this great world. Legend said that a wind god resided in the center of this storm. Even a Soul Sea Realm warrior had no chances of surviving this place's endless gust.

As it exploded, an invisible will was also released.

These weren't the only two towers to have done so. Other towers, all constructed by the sorcerer race, were exploding in succession all over the great worlds. These structures were erected with precise calculation and meticulous planning by the entire race.

As these towers exploded, their wills began to spread through numerous great worlds. The barriers between different great worlds had been removed, which enabled the wills to spread even more effectively.

Master Feng and the other Supreme Lords were still locked in a face-to-face battle with the huge Torch Dragon.

Supreme Lord of Original Sin was the first to initiate an attack. He was not afraid despite the beast's powerful, physical body.


The massive Torch Dragon twisted in midair with a sharp cry. To everyone's great surprise, it chose to retreat!

How could they let this precious beast leave so easily? All the Supreme Lords turned into beams of light that surrounded the Torch Dragon.

However, the will from the tower at the core of the storm had already spread out by this time. The Supreme Lords all felt it in the air and they stopped in their tracks as if someone had cast a spell on them.

Zen also felt it. A look of confusion fell on his face. "What is that..." This will was extremely domineering as if it wanted to directly overpower this great world's will!

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