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   Chapter 1800 Waiting

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Zen had a plan. As the universe was in turmoil, he would gather all of the important people around him into the fairy palace when he returned to the Lower World.

While they remained under the protection of the fairy palace, they would be absolutely safe.

However, because of the space imprisonment, this plan could not work.

The seven people filed silently behind Zen. Despite their silence, he could sense their nervousness.

Although they were powerful, they were still too young and inexperienced for what laid ahead of them.

The growing tension among the group caused their hearts to pound until they were clanging like fifteen buckets in a single well as they trudged along.

The depressing atmosphere weighed heavily on Zen's mind.

Rocher had told him that the idea of destiny was only a beautiful lie, but he wouldn't let that stop him. Since they had made it this far, he had to ensure that they made it through to the end.

By this time the outline of the Cloud Hall was faintly discernible in the clouds. When Zen approached, he found that the hall was now empty and almost all the warriors had left.

Considering the ferocity of Supreme Lords' fights, this sort of retreat was meaningless.

If the Torch Dragon and Supreme Lord Mirage had wanted to fight in the Central Region, in only a few moves, the entire Central Region would have collapsed.

In the face of such absolute strength, weak warriors were unable to resist. They were like fish on a chopping block.

Given Zen's current cultivation level, the warriors of the Central Region were unable to catch up with him. However, it did not change anything.

It did not take long for Zen to find Letitia in the Ice Palace at the top of the Cloud Hall.

She sat cross-legged in the middle of the palace, focusing on her cultivation.

The life vitality in the Lower World was far too thin. The cultivation speed of warriors at the Soul Sea Realm was far below those in the Upper World.

Zen descended along the Ice Palace's patio with the other seven Godly Geniuses following closely behind him.

Startled by the commotion, Letitia opened her eyes and glanced around her.

Her face was etched with the signs of a sleepless night. She had been busy all night but her exhaustion was mental rather than physical.

She found herself continually tense. There were so many things that scared her.

She was worried that Zen would not return, that the powerful warriors would destroy the Central Region, and that something bad would happen to her son Geoffrey.

When her eyes saw Zen, a

e clouds at the top of the Cloud Hall continued to surge and rapidly dissipated to their surroundings like a huge, reverse vortex.

In the blink of an eye, seven figures descended to the ground. The Godly Geniuses raised their heads to take in the seven figures as they approached.


Nathan was blind but that did not stop him sensing the aura of Supreme Lord of Original Sin.

Since yesterday, he had been in a state of panic, but now as he felt the aura of the patriarch of his clan, he found himself able to relax.

As far as he was concerned, Supreme Lord of Original Sin was the strongest warrior in the universe. Since he was here, his safety was no longer in doubt.

Nathan was not the only one reassured. Lucille, Kurt, and the others also let out a long sigh. It no longer mattered whether or not this great world was a trap. It would be much safer now as their elders had joined them.

Supreme Lord of Original Sin was not alone. He had arrived with Master Feng, Supreme Lord of Oracle, Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment and others.

To judge by outward appearance, all the troubles caused to the universe by the sorcerer race had been solved. However, the Supreme Lords all appeared grim, including Master Feng who was always amiable. Obviously, the situation was more troublesome than they had thought.

Supreme Lord of Original Sin swept his gaze over the Godly Geniuses. After confirming that they were all present, he said lightly, "Take them away."

At once, Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment raised his sleeve, a bag immediately appeared and sucked in Nathan and the others one by one.

When it was Zen's turn, he jumped to one side and said sullenly, "I won't leave."

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