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   Chapter 1799 Space Imprisonment

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There were very few signs of life on the savage land. For countless years, nothing had changed.

Lush vegetation covered the vast land. And countless vicious beasts and unknown creatures were hidden in the nooks and crannies of this wild land.

Even the smallest ants present here were capable of inflicting danger. The areas through which the army ants marched were completely barren, and even the most ferocious beasts would steer clear of them. These fist-sized ants were capable of reducing an elephant into a skeleton in a blink of an eye.

In the past, there had been powerhouses from the Divine Kingdom Continent entering the savage land, and almost all of them had perished. Finally, the Divine Kingdom Continent had given up on exploring this desolate land.

All these years, only Rocher had stepped foot deep into the savage land. He had done this in the pursuit of taking away Chiyou's treasure.

At this moment, the entire savage land began to tremble.

A huge fissure extended from one end of the savage land to the other, forming a deep, bottomless gorge. Countless vicious beasts let out wails of grief.


The tremendous force which was like an invisible pair of scissors began to cut across the savage land. This savage land that was twice as large as the Divine Kingdom Continent was constantly collapsing.

The monstrous seawater formed a ten-thousand-foot-high water wall, pouring into the huge fissure. It crazily washed over the exposed surface of the ground, and myriad of creatures started to create a helter-skelter, running all over the land.

As the seawater poured towards the deep fissure in the land, a massive siphonic effect was formed. In the end, it flowed towards the opposite direction of the fissure, rushing towards the Divine Kingdom Continent.

Fortunately, the cities of the four divine kingdoms were all gathered around the Feather Holy Sea. There was no one around the continental margin, so the tsunami didn't cause too much of a disaster to the Divine Kingdom Continent. However, the fluctuations of the sea and that commotion that accompanied it aroused the vigilance of the four divine kingdoms.

The blow from the Torch Dragon had been dodged by Zen and had caused the savage land to crumble.

"Let's go!"

Zen said, unable to explain anything to the others here.

If that Torch Dragon's tail swept over him again, he had no idea how he would defend himself against it. 'Would I have to sacrifice the Central Region and the Divine Kingdom Continent?' This was a thought that ate him alive.

In a heartbeat, Zen tore open a space crack and drilled out.

The other Godly Geniuses also opened the space cracks and returned to the front of this world.

Under the dim moonlight, the faces of those Godly Geniuses could be seen; full of dread. After all, just a moment ago, they had all thought that they were going to die.

These Godly Geniuses looked at Zen again, but this time their expressions had softened.

After all, he had valiantly blocked the attack from the Torch Dragon. Even

even if we use them, we won't be able to transmit our voices out here…" he said, reeking with disappointment.

Zen drifted down a distance before he turned around and said, "You're right. We can't leave here. Let's head back to the Cloud Hall now."

On the way, Zen's eyebrows twisted tightly.

In order to save Letitia, he had returned to the Lower World. This matter could not have been planned by the sorcerer race.

However, the sorcerer race cared a great deal about Letitia and Preston returning to the Lower World which was why they chased after them.

Zen was still confused about the turn of events.

But just as Rocher speculated, he too believed this great world was indeed a trap. However, the sorcerer race did not plan to activate this trap right now. It wasn't meant for them hence it had to be a coincidence they had entered it.

Something told Zed this trap had something to do with the Chaotic Ocean of Stars and the Star Storm.

However, even Zen was unable to completely connect the dots. He couldn't find an appropriate answer to what the trap was.

With his current strength, there was no way for him to interfere in a fight between powerhouses at the level of the Supreme Lords. Under the circumstance, the only thing Zed could do was return to the Cloud Hall.

On the way back to the Cloud Hall, Zen took out his token of mountain and tried to contact the fairy palace.

This fairy palace was Zen's last shelter. If he couldn't enter the fairy palace, then he was destined to be doomed.

Soon, Zen's expression turned even severer.

The fact that Zen could return to the fairy palace quickly by token of the mountain didn't mean that he had the fairy palace with him. From beginning to end, the fairy palace had always been located in that huge forest, and this token had only created a special pathway.

In the end, he realized even the token of mountain used the Space Law which meant Zen couldn't return to the fairy palace either. 'I am actually doomed, ' he thought with a frustrated sigh.

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