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   Chapter 1798 Transfer

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Supreme Lord Mirage and Supreme Lord Sky both travelled to the Lower World in order to protect the eight Godly Geniuses.

However, they did not expect to encounter the Torch Dragon and the supreme sorcerer.

Something felt amiss and the two Supreme Lords suspected that there was something extraordinary that was hidden within the great world for these two to suddenly appear. This was no doubt conspired by the sorcerer race!

They immediately sent a request for reinforcements to the head of the Celestial Position race.

Fortunately, their request was promptly received and the Celestial Position race mobilized right away. However, even if they reached their top speed, they still wouldn't be able to arrive on time. It didn't help that the entire universe was plunged in a state of chaos with the Supreme Lords of the Thoughtless Minds and Humanity Alliance too busy protecting their own territories.

Supreme Lord Mirage was still engaged in battle with the Torch Dragon. He could've killed the beast more quickly but the safety of the Godly Geniuses was his utmost priority.

He did not expect that the Godly Geniuses would go to the back side of the world.

The Torch Dragon waved its tail towards the Godly Geniuses. Supreme Lord Mirage's heart jumped to his throat. The beast's tail was powerful enough to crush the Godly Geniuses. If that happened, not even Lester would be able to revive them.

Unfortunately, he was suppressed by the Torch Dragon's strange fire, which made it difficult for him to rush in and rescue them.

The sight of the Torch Dragon's enormous tail made everyone's faces turn pale.

An opponent of this level was much more powerful than the grand sorcerer!

Eight Godly Geniuses working together could probably defeat a world lord, but it might not be enough for them to resist a Supreme Lord.

Everyone's heart sank at their helplessness.

However, just in the nick of time...

Zen stood at the front.

He had advanced through the void and threw a punch just as the Torch Dragon's tail reached him.

The punch had not been fortified with the power of the dragon scales.

Zen figured it might have been pointless anyway. The Torch Dragon's body was enormous and the boost from the dragon scales might not even be enough for his punch to have any effect at all.

All he really intended was to block the attack.

Zen could only rely on this great world at that very moment.

He had actually been hesitant at first. Blocking the Torch Dragon's attack had the possibility of also causing irreversible damage to the great world.

He knew this based on experience. Back when he blocked the black light, he sacrificed more than five million mountains. All tall landforms were levelled a

bing for a long time, the scene remained the same.

"What happened?" Blood flowed from Nathan's face. He was unable to perceive the massive outline of the Torch Dragon with just his perception alone. All he could feel was the faint sense of power that swept over them.

"Zen... has blocked the tail of that monster," Lucille whispered.

"Are you.... kidding?" Nathan murmured back in disbelief. However, it was unlikely for Lucille to lie in this situation.

If they hadn't seen this personally, perhaps nobody would ever believe that this event actually happened.


The Torch Dragon suddenly let out a long and piercing cry.

It wasn't a big deal if one scale fell or shattered on its body. What was a big deal was the fact that an ant managed to shatter it in the first place.

It twisted its enormous body and prepared to strike down with its tail once again.

Supreme Lord Mirage was ready this time. He wouldn't make the same mistake twice.

He would voluntarily give his life away if that meant ensuring the safety of these Godly Geniuses. The death of a Supreme Lord meant a new Crown of Destiny and a new Supreme Lord.

But nobody could ever replace a Godly Genius. There was nothing for creating a True God after all.

Supreme Lord Mirage battled with the Torch Dragon head-on. As he did so, the great world underwent a violent change.

Zen had almost completely shifted away the Torch Dragon's power and allowed the great world to absorb it.

A battle between Supreme Lords usually entailed the destruction of a supreme world, let alone a great world.

This time, however, Zen did his best to transfer the power evenly. Most of it was routed to the northern savage land. During this process, Zen discovered something unexpected located in that place through the great world's will.

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