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   Chapter 1797 Fighting The Torch Dragon (Part Two)

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Despite the attempt with all their might and will, the grand sorcerer wasn't harmed at all. It was as though he was invincible, even though everyone knew the contrary to be true. Their attacks weren't strong enough, weren't hitting far enough.

While everyone else was retreating, someone suddenly charged forward, leaving a puff of dirt and dust behind him as his feet quickly collided with the ground.

"Zen, are you crazy?" Lucille shouted.

Before anyone could react, Zen had already rushed over to the grand sorcerer and had even broken quite a number of his barbs. He too was now submerged in the poisonous mist. The crowd watched, both stunned and amazed, as Zen was fearlessly engulfed by the green poison.

When he was only a few feet away from the grand sorcerer, Zen dropped to the ground, somersaulted and grabbed the grand sorcerer's arm. Using the arm for propulsion, Zen flipped himself into the air and landed behind the grand sorcerer. He flung both his arms beneath the grand sorcerer's armpits and bound his chest tightly.

"Launch a joint attack on him! Quick!" Zen roared.

Zen's mind went blank. Completely empty. He couldn't utter another sentence or think another clear thought. All he knew was that they had to kill the grand sorcerer, or none of them would survive.

Nathan clenched his jaw and twisted his body, both hands grasping his spear.

The grand sorcerer who had activated the Holy Poison Body was growing in power and he was now stronger than ever before. Given his current state, he would probably be capable of fighting against the grand world lords. What was more, there were even fewer flaws in his body.

And with Nathan's cultivation, it was already extremely difficult for him to spot a grand world lord's flaw.

Zen, on the other hand, had managed to control the grand sorcerer despite the poisonous mist surrounding them both. How could he possibly have any reason to hesitate?

The bloody light in his eyes flickered fiercely. He had already heavily overused his eyes' power. Now, as he reactivated them once again, his pupils burst. He suddenly became completely blind, and two streams of golden blood gushed out from his sockets.

But just before his vision was ta

ly avoid the dragon's tail whatsoever.

The Torch Dragon was fighting with Supreme Lord Mirage. With a far leap, he faced the dragon head on, weapon raised far above his head.

Although Supreme Lord Mirage's methods were powerful, the Torch Dragon was equally remarkable. The most troublesome part was that Supreme Lord Mirage excelled in the Time Law, and the Heavenly Destiny he inherited was a Law of Causality of the Time Law. With that, he could bring time to a relatively still state.

Nothing could completely stop time, not even the most powerful laws of the heavens. However, under the control of Supreme Lord Mirage, it could become infinitely slow, which would usually give him a great advantage of course.

Nevertheless, this method had a huge drawback. It was only effective on the life forms in the heavens.

Because the Torch Dragon was not a being under the heavens to begin with, Supreme Lord Mirage's most powerful technique had lost all its effect on it. His master technique was rendered completely useless by this outrageous beast.

He could only rely on his own abilities in order to continue fighting with the Torch Dragon. He knew that once Supreme Lord Sky killed the supreme sorcerer, they two might be able to kill the Torch Dragon together. It was only a question of time.

But as he saw the eight Godly Geniuses appear at the back side of the world and the Torch Dragon's tail sweep towards them, the Supreme Lord's expression abruptly changed.

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