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   Chapter 1796 Fighting The Torch Dragon (Part One)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 7513

Updated: 2019-11-27 00:12

The Torch Dragon, like a great river stretching for thousands of miles, twisted its body in circles in the vastness. Hot smoke spilled from its enormous nostrils, clearly angered. The atmosphere was tense, on edge. Everyone knew this was a fierce battle.

The creature's body could be compared to that of a genuine dragon, for in many ways, they were very similar. The two kinds of dragons could be distinguished by their heads though, which were completely different. That of the Torch Dragon was like a bird's beak: long and pointy with a curved shape. Sharp, too. Two gill-like flaps of very thin skin grew on both sides of its neck, giving it the menacing look you'd expect from a cobra.

Staring at a flame ablaze on its head, the Torch Dragon continued its process of capturing Supreme Lord Mirage by circling him dizzyingly. Moving at a quick pace, the Supreme Lord and the Torch Dragon headed toward depths of the back side of the world. No one could really see what was happening when the two were moving so fast.

The back side of its unimaginably huge body continuously appeared before the bystanders' eyes as they watched at a far distance. The patterns on its scales were extremely exquisite and special, tinkling when they crossed paths with the flame from above, but no one was in the mood to appreciate such beauty.

If one was to consider the Torch Dragon to be a powerhouse just like a Supreme Lord, then this could be regarded as a confrontation between two Supreme Lords. Not a single word was spoken aloud, and yet the entire crowd clearly understood that if the dragon were to change directions and wrap them tightly with its body, they would all die a painful death of suffocation.

Closer to the action between Supreme Lord Mirage and the dragon, both Zen and Rocher had the urgent desire to leave the back side of the world. The battle here wasn't something they could allow themselves to get involved in. They were strong, that was undeniable, but not strong enough to face something so great!

The Supreme Lords' strength was more apparent to Nathan, Lucille and the others as ever. With their current cultivation, if they were involved in the battle, they would be turned into ashes in a matter of seconds.


ce, he would rather give up his own life.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

The poisonous, dark green smoke began rising into the air. The grand sorcerer didn't budge in the least. No one even noticed a flinch. Instead, he rushed toward his opponents, letting the young warriors launch their deadly attacks on him in consecutive lances.

He kept his focus. He knew the only thing he truly had to avoid at all costs was Nathan's spear.

Nathan's spear skills were too terrific and too terrifying. Every thrust was a fatal threat. Even though the grand sorcerer's strength had been greatly improved by the Holy Poison Body, he still couldn't forcefully take Nathan's spear strikes. He dodged his opponent's all attacks while keeping as far as possible from Nathan's deadly spear.

Suddenly, the mist began to spin and pick up speed, somewhat like a tornado except the fact that the grand sorcerer was standing right in the middle of it. In less than a few seconds, he was completely wrapped from head to toe by the deadly, whirling mist. The eight Godly Geniuses began to retreat in turn, their faces brimming with worry, sweat streaking down their dirty faces.

The Torch Dragon's huge body with single scale the size of a human head would occasionally pass by them. As long as they were caught inside its body, there would be no reason for them to live anyway. They had been dragged to the brink of death and if they wasted just a few more seconds, they would probably go straight over the edge.

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