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   Chapter 1795 Chasing After The Grand Sorcerer

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Nathan was harboring a deep resentment towards Zen.

Even though he was facing a life and death moment, he couldn't push back his feelings of anger for the other man. In fact, it seemed like he couldn't care less about his own life and death.

"How dare you! Do you know who he is?" Lawson reprimanded.

The magical light of five elements flashed as Lucille's killing intent surged within her beautiful eyes.

These three warriors came from the same great force, after all—they had special status. No one had ever thought they would perish here. Seeing the grand sorcerer thrusting out his cane, Lawson couldn't help but blurt out the question.

Lawson's threat might have worked if they were facing other forces. Being the descendant of Supreme Lord of Original Sin, if Nathan was killed, the person who killed him would undoubtedly meet their own death.

But to the grand sorcerer, such a threat only sounded ridiculous.

The sorcerer race was fighting against the entire universe—something they had plotted for hundreds of millions of years. How could he possibly fear Supreme Lord of Original Sin?

And this time, the purpose of his attack was to exterminate these eight Godly Geniuses!

The moment the shadow of the insect on the tip of the cane rushed towards Nathan, a figure suddenly appeared behind him.

It was Zen.

"Huh?" The scene left Margaret stunned, but she was unable to stop it— all happened so fast and it was too late for her to stop it.

Kurt, Rocher, and all the others were then wearing different expressions.

None of them were expecting Zen to block the attack on Nathan.

Even Nathan was looking at him strangely.


The white jade cane struck Zen's fist.

The Nether Spring Cicada attached to the tip of the cane flashed a black light that got into Zen's fist.

It was an extremely powerful creature. If it were to get into someone's body, it could extinguish the person's life energy in an instant. Even a world lord would fall to death under the cicada's power.

Seeing that he had succeeded, the grand sorcerer sneered. Then, he turned into black smoke and dodged Lawson's and Lucille's attacks before reappearing a dozen feet away. Although he had been fighting with the kids for quite a long time, these Godly Geniuses would eventually die in his hands, one after another. With this in mind, the process of killing them was something he could enjoy.

Before long, Zen's life energy would be devoured completely—he'd end up a living corpse before perishing into nothing.

"Zen!" Margaret rushed over to Zen's side, her heart aching in concern.

The battle between the two sides froze for a minute. But then everyone's eyes focused on Zen as they waited for death to come.

Only Zen remained expressionless as he stared at the grand sorcerer. Then, he smiled.

After a moment, the sneer on the grand sorcerer's face turned into a look of disbelief.

As for Lucille, Margaret, and the rest, their expressions of sorrow turned to joy.

"This... This is impossible!" the grand sorcerer roared.


en more troublesome was the Smoky Heart-locking Curse.

While the sorcerer race's spells were extremely powerful, they also had negative effects.

For example, after the death of the sorcerer slaves and the war sorcerers, they would produce strong curses. And the small skulls from the curses were almost impossible to damage. An ordinary martial artist had no solution to get rid of them. But the fact that these skulls came at the cost of numerous lives couldn't be ignored.

The law of conservation never failed. To reach the highest level of the Emotion Closing Godly Way, one had to completely abandon their emotions and sacrifice their six desires. This was why the Emotion Closing Godly Way was so powerful. The same logic applied to a sorcerer's spells.

After the Smoky Heart-locking Curse was cast, the grand sorcerer's own heart was then locked with the hearts of the eight Godly Geniuses. He couldn't remove the curse himself.

In such a miserable state, the grand sorcerer finally made a decision. He tore open a space crack and snuck into the back side of the great world.

But Zen and the others were intent on killing—how could they just let the guy go?

They chased after him through the space crack. When they entered the back side of the great world, they were left shocked at the scene before them.

It was as if someone had cast a strong spell on the grand sorcerer. He stood there, unmoving.

On the other side of the great world, Zen finally saw the complete body of the tail.

The length of this Torch Dragon exceeded Zen's imagination. Its slender body looked like that of a snake, and on it rested the head of a dragon. Atop the dragon head, a raging fire was burning.

The Torch Dragon was also called the Candle Dragon. Legend had it that the flame atop the Candle Dragon's head was as chaotic as a candle flame.

At this moment, the Torch Dragon fiercely battled Supreme Lord Mirage.

When Zen and the others stepped into the space crack, they had unwittingly barged into the center of another battle!

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