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   Chapter 1794 Destruction

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Shaky and anxious murmurs filled the night air as the Cloudy City was in deep danger.

Heavy footsteps clanked continuously on the pavement. Under Letitia's order, all the warriors were quickly evacuated.

High up in the sky, numerous martial artists from the Cloud Hall poured out of the exits. The Cloud Hall looked like a broken bag of rice when viewed from the Cloudy City as countless martial artists scattered like rice grains in various directions.

Just then, the shaking in the Cloud Hall intensified.

The mortals in the Central Region viewed the Cloud Hall as something of a colossus, an aerial edifice that would never sink.

However, Letitia and the others in the Cloud Hall knew very well that the grand sorcerer or the Spirit Supreme Realm warriors could completely destroy the Cloud Hall with only one move...

"Where's dad? Why don't I see him..." Geoffrey said. He leaned on Imogen's back in thought while the latter hoisted him up further on her back.

Even at his young age, he knew what the panic on the faces of the many warriors in the Cloud Hall meant. He understood that the supposedly fortified place was now in deep trouble.

"Don't worry. Your father will be fine!" Imogen reassured him. However, she too was quite worried deep inside.

The Cloud Hall was important to her and she had put a lot of energy and effort towards its development, only for Zen to bring it so much problems.

Although Imogen felt upset, she was also worried about Zen. After all, he was the only one who had contributed the most to the Cloud Hall and helped it become the top sect in the Central Region.

But after Zen had ascended to the Upper World, he would've surely gotten himself into trouble. Now, the trouble he had faced was far more than what the Cloud Hall could handle. At this moment, the Cloud Hall was like a mere mosquito that the almighty warriors of the Upper World could easily crush.

Aside from the Cloud Hall, all the city gates of the Cloudy City were open and all the transmission arrays had been lit up overnight.

Everyone in the third-grade clans, all the forces of the World Commercial Alliance, and even the common mortals hurriedly moved out of the city.

This time, the battle was as fierce as Zen had never felt before. His opponents were like jungle beasts against them, who were like mere ants. It was no secret that many innocent lives might be lost during the fight.


A blinding bolt of light loudly shot towards the sky, and the Cloud Hall suddenly shook and tilted to the side!

Fortunately, the Cloud Hall was on a huge floating rock. It would still stay afloat even if it were to be toppled or rolled around.

Meanwhile, Letitia got distracted from evacuating the warriors when she saw the scene. Her worried gaze drifted to the peak of Cloud Hall, and she sighed.

If the Cloud Hall was destroyed, it could be rebuilt.

As long as the foundation was still there, she wouldn't care even if she had to abandon this piece o

s spear strike was nothing to a world lord, but the grand sorcerer felt like he was on the verge of death in the face of the spear's actual attack.

"This is too dangerous. I have to kill this brat first!"

With that thought in mind, he waved the bone cane in his hand and a bit of black fog was diffused. His body immediately disappeared into the black fog, and simultaneously dodged Nathan's spear strike.

"He has made use of this move again!"

"Everyone, be careful!"

Even amidst a crisis, Zen and the others reminded one another.

If only they were faced with an ordinary world lord, they would've had a chance to claim victory in this battle.

The key point was that this sorcerer race used really odd methods. Their cultivation methods weren't derived from a variety of laws. That combined with their strange cultivation methods made them difficult to defeat.


Suddenly, the black fog froze and appeared behind Nathan.

The grand sorcerer stretched out the bone cane in his hand, and punctured Nathan's back!

"You should be the one to die, brat! Deadly Cane Strike!"

An insect shadow gushed out of the bone cane's tip. This kind of strange insect was known as the "Nether Spring Cicada", which was said to have been caught from the nether world and could only be used by the sorcerer race's grand sorcerer. Each grand sorcerer's cane was specially designed by the sorcerer race, and was equipped with seven Nether Spring Cicadas!

If the cane struck a warrior, the Nether Spring Cicada could enter the body. Once it had done so, not even a True God would be able to save them. Thus, the cane strike was called the "Deadly Cane Strike", and it resulted in one's immediate death.

Since the grand sorcerer's attack happened so suddenly just as when Nathan was about to attack, he was caught off guard. The flaw was seemingly endless and he didn't have enough time to dodge.


Damn it. Zen brought me so much trouble..." Nathan mentally cursed Zen.

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