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   Chapter 1793 Smoky Heart-locking Curse

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Everyone in the crowd gasped as they saw the sky crack. Time seemed to stop as a black figure emerged from within the fissure and as the figure slowly stepped into the light, they saw his body covered with jagged barbs.

"It's a grand sorcerer!"

"His cultivation level is that of a war lord's!"

"Zen, hurry and activate that damn thing of yours! Take us out of here!" Lawson roared.

"I already said none of you can leave and yet you still try!" The grand sorcerer's voice boomed as he brandished his bone cane. Black mist rose from the tip of the cane, which then shot straight to Zen's group, striking eight people in the chest. "Ahhh, you can try to escape..." The grand sorcerer began. "But I must tell you, it will be futile. Your hearts will explode before you can leave this place."

This was the Smoky Heart-locking Curse from the ancient sorcerer race. Unless the person who cast the curse was killed, the black fog would never be lifted. At this point, it was as powerful as the Desperate Melee.

The only catch was that its power depended on the person who cast the spell. Unfortunately for them, this grand sorcerer clearly believed he had the power to crush all eight Godly Geniuses.

"Let's get rid of him first!" someone shouted. "Leave the Cloud Hall!" another screamed. With a flash of light, Rocher summoned the Soaring Snake Sword as he dashed toward the grand sorcerer.

The warriors who had come to visit the Cloud Hall were in chaos. None of them thought they'd be involved in a battle with this le

to be blown back a good five feet from where he was.

Lucille, Lone, and Nathan followed Zen's lead and launched their first round of attacks.

While they were itching to leave this place already, they were still chained by the Smoky Heart-locking Curse and needed to kill the grand sorcerer first.


The Cloud Hall, which was floating high up in the sky, suddenly began to shake violently!

Although they had focused all their power on the grand sorcerer, his power was still too great. In the end, the Cloud Hall was not able to resist such terrifying power and threatened to fall apart.

Nathan's spear missed and flipped over the roof and flew over to the enchanted barrier of the Light of Water.

In the past, Eddie was naturally helpless against the enchanted barrier of the Light of Water but when Nathan marched his spear forward, the enchanted barrier began to ripple and crack. And before the power of the spear light could spread throughout the barrier, the whole Light of Water shattered.

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