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   Chapter 1792 A Formidable Grand Sorcerer

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At the same time, in the hall, Supreme Lord Mirage said to Zen, "That supreme sorcerer is going to be in deep trouble…"

As he finished speaking, a space crack exploded. An inky black tail glided out from it, instantly coiled around Supreme Lord Mirage and pulled him into the back of the space…

The chaotic situation had finally stabilized thanks to the arrival of Supreme Lord Mirage.

Normally, with the two Supreme Lords present, the sorcerer race would not dare to make another move. So no one expected the situation to change so soon.

Zen and the others were also stunned by this sudden phenomenon.

In reality, the Celestial Position had foreseen this when they allowed Zen and the others to leave. That was exactly why they had sent the two Supreme Lords to protect them from the sorcerer race.

The sorcerer race itself was not particularly powerful in the universe but they were suddenly invading many supreme worlds in order to wake up fierce beasts from remote ages.

It was not like the sorcerer race wanted to conquer the supreme worlds, but the beasts from remote ages were all hidden in the depths of certain supreme worlds. This was the main reason why they wanted to seize these supreme worlds.

Supreme Lord Mirage and Supreme Lord Sky were quietly guarding Zen and the rest, and before the supreme sorcerer could make his move, they had already launched their counterattack. However, the two Supreme Lords did not expect the sorcerer race to also come prepared for a war.

The Torch Dragon, also known as Candle Dragon, was originally a variant of the Genuine Dragon. It was a sacred beast in the

is expression did not change at all. He looked around at the warriors of the Central Region's various sects, and found that all of them had a bitter expression on their faces. They knew that this disaster was brought about by Zen and they would loathe him for it if he chose to just leave.

However, in this place, these people were as insignificant as ants. At the moment, their pleas to Zen to stay did not hold any weight. This group of masters at the Spirit Supreme Realm were so desperate to avoid the disaster that even Zen couldn't stop them.

Zen realized there was no use wasting time in any more debates with them. He flicked his finger and the Teleportation Token popped out from his space ring.

"Whoever wants to leave can do so on their own! I am going to stay here anyway," he declared.

He had devised a brilliant plan in his mind. The others could enter the Teleportation Token while he placed Letitia, Geoffrey and the rest in the fairy palace.

But before Zen could activate the Teleportation Token, a cold voice rang out:

"Haha…! None of you can leave!"

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