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   Chapter 1791 A Big Trouble

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 3920

Updated: 2019-11-26 00:17

The supreme sorcerer, who was standing outside the Cloud Hall, sensed the danger. The Soul Devouring Shadow he had released was killed and just as his face clouded with anger, a soft voice rang out.

"I've discovered you too." A white figure appeared by the supreme sorcerer's side.

The supreme sorcerer felt the cold blade of a sword against his neck.

"Go to hell!" the wielder of the sword said angrily, without hesitation.

The short sword suddenly blossomed into a strong ray of light and made its way towards the supreme sorcerer.

The supreme sorcerer's sparkling body spread out suddenly, transforming into a glow of green light that scattered crazily everywhere.

But before anyone could react, the green light went up to gather above the clouds.

When the green light had condensed back into the body of the supreme sorcerer, there was a wound on his neck that looked like it could not be healed. In the darkness of the night, green blood gushed out from the wound. It was evident that the sword had struck him hard.

Just as his body began to congeal, the white figure appeared behind the supreme sorcerer like a shadow.

He slashed out again wit

ugh the ancient sorcerers were a little troublesome for them. Celestial Position could crush them easily.

For Celestial Position, the real danger came from their enemies behind the Sighing Wall.

"Is that so?" The supreme sorcerer laughed coldly. "Since Supreme Lord Sky has arrived, the one who extinguished my Soul Devouring Shadow in the hall should be Supreme Lord Mirage. I wonder if Supreme Lord Mirage can beat Torch Dragon. Ha-ha!"

This supreme sorcerer knew that the Celestial Position had prepared a backup plan. Under these circumstances, he still dared kill the Godly Geniuses, which meant that he naturally had a backup plan too.

At this, Supreme Lord Sky narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "You've already awakened the Torch Dragon. You are so ambitious!"

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