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   Chapter 1790 Ghost Faces

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The instant the green incantations appeared, dozens of sinister looking ghost faces appeared. They projected a greenish hue and looked terrifying as they drifted towards the Cloud Hall.

The enchanted barrier that was named Light of Water was enough to block the Space Law to a certain extent. But the ghost faces could easily cross over it.

The ancient sorcerer race was not so good at open battle. Even though this supreme sorcerer's cultivation was weak as compared to a Supreme Lord, he could still use powerful spells.

The supreme sorcerer floated in midair, looking around with his two peculiar eyes revealing only the whites.

For the time being, he was focusing on controlling the ghost faces as they silently drifted back and forth in the Could Hall.

At the same time the supreme sorcerer was also aware about his surroundings. He was keeping an alert eye on the activities happening below him.

He was surprised to see that the Celestial Position race allowed these kids to come here without any defenses around them. With this careless action, he easily had an advantage over them!


"Little kids, I found you!" The supreme sorcerer mocked at the Godly Geniuses by pointing at their direction. Immediately the ghost faces turned towards that direction at the same time.

The ghost faces were constantly shuttling and they illuminated like giant fireflies in the dark night

What a sight!

These ghastly faces did not have a fixed shape. The moment they entered, they rushed towards Zen and the others.

Zen was the first to react. As soon as he saw the ghost faces, he went on instant alert. Quickly he grabbed Letitia by her waist and pulled her away.

He could not figure out the strength of these ghost faces. Sensing their evil aura emanating from them, he instantly went on g

e Lord's control over the Time Law. The scene played before their eyes in a slow motion, including their thoughts.

Because of this, the crowd couldn't see the Supreme Lord's attack. All they could see was a blurred vision of all the whole action.

The Supreme Lord turned his head and smiled at Zen and the others, "Come out you little brats! It is time to go back."

"We are eternally grateful, Supreme Lord Mirage, for saving our lives," Rocher said folding his hands with respect.

Zen also followed suit and folded his hands in gratitude. He still could not shake off the feeling that they were so close to death! There were so many people in Cloud Hall who were relying on him and he nearly failed them! He realized that the Celestial Position was still not very confident about their group and had arranged for a Supreme Lord to protect them.

"I wonder who dared to attack us?" Nathan's expression had turned sour. He knew that he had been implicated by Zen and he was very furious with that. He should have listened to his instincts and not followed him then.

Supreme Lord Mirage just waved his hand and said indifferently, "That's just a certain supreme sorcerer who will be in trouble now."

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