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   Chapter 1789 Secret

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The other Godly Geniuses despised the Cloud Hall.

A sixth-grade sect, or even a tenth-grade sacred place was nothing in their eyes. The forces they were under had jurisdiction over thousands of tenth-grade sacred places.

So it was a surprise that Kurt was exceedingly polite and asked the Cloud Hall for a warrior.

Zen's eyebrows were raised. "Godly Genius..."

Letitia's eyes also flashed.

She wasn't a stranger to how things worked around the Upper World. Ever since she ascended, Preston had already filled her in on the different levels of strength in the universe along with the different types of geniuses among warriors.

Godly Geniuses were definitely the cream of the crop. They were the ones considered as the most talented and remarkable warriors in the entire universe due to their power and rarity.

Letitia was rendered speechless for a moment. Her Cloud Hall was simply too powerful now that it had three Godly Geniuses. It might even be much stronger than she had ever expected. So how would it be graded? Was it an eleventh-grade sacred place? Or a twenty-first grade sacred place?

None of the people from the Central Region really knew what 'Godly Genius' meant. All they knew was that Patrick had been chosen by this monk of the Spirit Supreme Realm, so that must meant that he was very talented. At that moment, they viewed Patrick as at least a divine-level talent.

However, Nathan and the others were visibly surprised.

"Cultivating him into a Godly Genius? Kurt, can you really make such a major decision on behalf of the Hidden Spirit Temple? Are you joking?" Nathan laughed.

All of the Godly Geniuses were aware of their high status. They were symbolic of the future of their respective forces. Yet here was Kurt, randomly hand-picking a warrior from the Lower World with the goal of turning him into a Godly Genius.

Kurt, however, merely smiled. "Have you ever seen a monk lie or say something reckless?"


of them came from this great world.

It didn't make sense, statistically speaking.

Most of the warriors present felt incredible envy grip their hearts at this wonderful opportunity that presented itself in front of Patrick. Their cultivation levels were not high but they were wise enough to know that these experts had extremely special backgrounds. Patrick was only a Virtual Tribulation Realm warrior, but he now had the chance to enter the universe.

With this out of the way, they all continued with the banquet. As everyone enjoyed themselves, a hairline space crack suddenly appeared on the other side of Cloudy City where rays of green light burst forth.

A green shadow drilled out from the space crack and from it emerged the supreme sorcerer of the sorcerer race!

He raised the jade bone cane in his hand and waved it in the air wherein a green incantation circle appeared.

The Godly Geniuses were currently gathered here. If he could kill all of them at this place, all at once, then that would be a good thing for the sorcerer race!

He had to be wary though. These Godly Geniuses were most likely being protected by the members of the Celestial Position in secret.

So this time, he had to go all out and use a devastating method that he was sure would eliminate all of them.

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