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   Chapter 1788 An Unnoticed Talent

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"These two friends don't seem to be in a good mood." Dillon, a clever and considerate man, said in an attempt to help Zen make the situation less uncomfortable.

However, Nathan replied coldly, "I'm drinking with a bunch of ants from the Lower World. How do you expect me to be in a good mood?"

Many of those who heard the response found it insulting.

Various strong masters from all over the Central Region had come to visit the Cloud Hall. Said during this glorious and joyous occasion, Nathan's words offended some people.

Letitia made a face at Zen, who frowned and snapped, "If my hospitality has failed to please the two of you, then you can leave!"

They had all relied on Zen's Teleportation Token to get here. They could go back to the Upper World through the ascending passageway, but through there, there was no guarantee that they would return safely.

Lawson curled his lips. He ignored Zen, and when he spoke, it was to support Nathan. "What was wrong with what Nathan said? Martial artists from the Lower World don't even compare to ants, and that's a fact."

From the perspective of these top warriors, this was an accepted truth. If it weren't for Zen, they wouldn't have had any connection with the Lower World.

"Really? Why is it, then, that as the number one Godly Genius in the universe, you still lost to Zen?" Margaret snapped. She could no longer sit there and watch this senseless argument go on. Among the people who the two had referred to as ants were members of her family. Today, Xander had even brought the core members of the Ethereal Spirit Sect to the banquet.

Margaret saw herself as someone who often caused trouble without reason. Today, she discovered that these two fellows from the Thoughtless Minds were even more unreasonable than she was.

"Hmph. He's simply an exception, a special ant," Nathan snorted. Deep inside, he also did not understand how someone like Zen had found his way in

mused, but when he, too, could tell that Patrick was already feeling a little nervous, he decided to keep quiet.

"Kurt, what do you mean by that?" A hint of curiosity flashed on Zen's face.

After ascending to the Upper World, Zen had never entered the Blessed Buddha Land. The Buddhism they practiced there was unusual, and some parts of it were quite mysterious. He had a feeling that there was something behind Kurt's words.

Kurt smiled and nodded at Patrick. "May I know your name, Mister?"

"Patrick Pei." Patrick stood up and put his palms together as a form of salute.

Some might have found this strange, as Kurt looked like a little acolyte. He was even younger than Patrick was. However, he was still a Spirit Supreme Realm warrior. Thus, Patrick politely paid him due respect.

After Patrick had greeted him with a salute, Kurt did the same and put his palms together. He said, "Amitabha, you are the reincarnation of the Acalanatha, but right now, you have a very slim chance of ascending to the Upper World. If you come to our Blessed Buddha Land, we will train you and mold you into a Godly Genius..." Without waiting for a response, Kurt turned to Zen and Letitia. "I wonder... If I want to take someone away from the Cloud Hall, will you permit me to do so?" he asked.

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