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   Chapter 1787 The Godly Geniuses

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The grand sorcerers paled.

They had hesitated for a long time before choosing to be patient and let the people on the Divine Kingdom Continent off.

Their conspiracy was more important compared to killing the people off.

So they decided, after a discussion, that they wouldn't fight as long as the people didn't trespass the center of the storm.

They just pretended that this had never happened.

The warriors that suddenly appeared had extraordinary strength. But they hadn't thought, even in their wildest dreams, that these warriors were, in reality, the Godly Geniuses!

The ancient sorcerer race had lived on the other side of the world for all of eternity, which was why they hadn't seen the Illusion Battlefield before and hadn't recognized them.

"If they're Godly Geniuses, then…"

"Not just the Celestial Position race, I'm afraid even the Thoughtless Minds, and the Humanity Alliance will pay attention to their every move!"

The universe was so chaotic that it was almost unimaginable how the Supreme Lords could tolerate the Godly Geniuses going anywhere far from them.

But now that they had dared allow them to come here, they must have had a motive, some cards up their sleeves that they had hidden.

This would be big trouble.

"I knew the people from the Pure Jade Sacred Place would cause trouble if they barged into the Lower World. But they did barge into this great world and it's my fault!" Daly's body was shaking more and more violently. If he had known about it earlier, he would have killed them in the ascending passageway. He shouldn't have worried too much and now, it had led them to one of the most troublesome situations ever.

The ancient sorcerer race's methods were scary, and

cultivation levels being relatively low, they were both placed in the front.

The atmosphere at the banquet was quite warm. Everyone in the Central Region was curious about the people around Zen.

"Zen, may we have the honor of knowing who the almighty beings around you are?" Dillon said, smiling a loopy smile, now that he was a little drunk.

Zen nodded. He hadn't introduced all of them yet and no one from the Central Region had heard of them. So he introduced them by name, one by one.

They were already familiar with Rocher and Margaret.

As he introduced each of others, Lone, Lucille and Kurt stood up and greeted everyone, acknowledging Zen's introduction. The strength and status of those people around them might not be worth mentioning, but they were still Zen's friends.

But Nathan and Lawson behaved as if they hadn't heard Zen. Nathan even looked away from him, making it even more awkward.

Zen didn't care. He hadn't expected Nathan and Lawson to come with him. He was disappointed that they were acting so smugly, but because the universe was in such a crisis, he knew that he couldn't treat these two men as his enemies.

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