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   Chapter 1786 The Supreme Sorcerer

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At the moment, what worried Brennan was that these people would feel reluctant to leave this place. He was after all the lord of the divine kingdom and couldn't let them really take over his continent. But after another careful thought, he realized that they didn't seem interested in his continent at all. No matter what, he had to talk to them.

Zen folded his hands at the man, while the rest others didn't take these rulers of divine kingdoms seriously. They were definitely figures in the Divine Kingdom Continent, but were not qualified to be the core disciples of some sacred place in Upper World.

After the crisis was resolved, they discussed the way forward.

The core disciples naturally hoped to return to the sacred place, but none of them were clear about the situation in Pure Jade Sacred Place right now.

This problem was not difficult to solve. Zen and others could use Teleportation Token to return to the Upper World, understand the situation and come over to inform them.

But while their discussions were going on, there was a strange tower built in the shadow of the world.

In the dark the tower gave off a strange green light, and the tower was located at the center of Chaotic Ocean of Stars!

Beneath the tower, thousands of giant skulls were floating, seeming to discuss something.

These giant skulls seemed to belong to two groups.

Although both of them belonged to the Shadow Race, one of the groups hid in this great world all the time, while the other entered the great world by chasing to kill Preston and his people in ascending passageway.

And the heads of these two groups were two grand sorcerers!

"Daly, how did you manage to let so many mice escape to the most important place?

The stronger ones were war sorcerers and this type of sorcerers showcased stronger fighting ability. Most of the ones killed by Preston were war sorcerers. The capability of grand sorcerers was already at the level of a world lord, who were able to rule an entire clan among the ancient sorcerer race.

The supreme sorcerers were similar to the Supreme Lords in the entire universe. These supreme sorcerers didn't have any Heavenly Destiny, but the spells they used were able to fight against the Supreme Lords!

There were even more powerful existences above the supreme sorcerers, such as the ancestral sorcerers and the sorcerer sages, who only existed in the divine land.

The green figure's form rippled with a shimmer and an authoritative voice boomed out, "Daly, Dean!"

"Yes, my supreme sorcerer!"


The two grand sorcerers quivered slightly. Judging from supreme sorcerer's voice, they could sense that he was in a terrible mood.

"The Godly Geniuses have all descended into the great world. The old fox of the Celestial Position has already set his eyes on us. Why haven't you made your move yet?" The supreme sorcerer enquired.

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