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   Chapter 1785 Chains Of Curses

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The core disciples were rendered speechless as they watched the skulls spin in the air.

Not even Preston could resist the curses of the sorcerer race, but the Godly Geniuses dealt with them rather easily.

And on another note, they accepted the astonishing fact without resistance.

They understood that the Godly Geniuses' strengths couldn't be measured merely by their cultivation levels. Since these geniuses shouldered more responsibilities and missions in this grand era, it was necessary for them to have a broad knowledge of everything in the world.

Meanwhile, Margaret was watching as Zen and Letitia held each other tightly — she was utterly disgruntled.

Although she was willing to go and help Zen out, the scene in front of her was admittedly upsetting.

After a long embrace, Zen finally loosened his arms and let Letitia stand on her own.

It was their first reunion after seven full years. With too many words to exchange, they wondered where they should begin.

Finally, Letitia broke the silence. "You… You've seen Geoffrey, right?"

Zen offered a gentle nod.

"Is he alright?" she asked, the nervousness evident in her voice. Having ascended to the Upper World for so long, she was always worrying about her young son.

"Of course he is. Let's return to the Cloud Hall," Zen suggested with a smile — he had decided to bring Letitia and the other important ones into the fairy palace. While the entire universe was in chaos, the fairy place remained absolutely safe.

"But the skulls..." Letitia pointed at the sky.

Numerous skulls still spun slowly in the sky above them like a huge, black cloud.

"Just leave those to Rocher," Zen said with a laugh.

To that, Rocher turned to him and nodded.

With a

n an instant, tens of thousands of skulls broke apart and vanished.

Finally breathing a sigh of relief, Preston walked up to Zen and Rocher and cupped his hands as he said, "Thank you for saving my life!"

"Never mind, I should be the one thanking you. If you didn't offer your help, my wife wouldn't have survived this," Zen returned as he bowed to Preston with respect — he had heartfelt gratitude towards the man who saved his wife, after all.

Although he had rushed and led his team to the Divine Kingdom Continent as soon as he knew that Letitia was here, she would've died before he arrived without Preston's help.

"Has the Shadow Race been wiped out?" Lucille was looking around to check if they were completely gone.

It seemed they managed to escape danger for now.


Just then, they saw several warriors flying right at them from afar.

Brennan, the present emperor of the York Divine Kingdom, led the group. Behind him were the emperors of the other three divine kingdoms.

When Brennan arrived first, he landed on the ground and greeted Zen politely — he had seen Zen before when he was still a prince of his divine kingdom.

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