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   Chapter 1784 Despair

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These core disciples had all undergone the challenges of the Illusion Battlefield. After their elimination, they were still able to witness the battles that went on through the painting scroll.

The last three hundred people were born in the same era and were in the same realm as them; however, there was a big gap when it came to their strength.

These were Godly Geniuses whose names echoed throughout the entire universe. They were the elite of this worst era and everyone looked up to them for salvation. They were the ones that the Supreme Lords all cherished and cared for as much as they could.

So it was understood that their presence here shook everyone's heart to the core.


There was a loud explosion as Zen crashed onto the ground. He still had the Thunder Wind Divine Sword in his hand and sent out sword energy all over the place.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Zen forcefully activated the Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike's sword radiance and looked like a golden hedgehog in the process.

The radiance pushed back a portion of the small skulls millions of feet away. It would take them a long time if they were to fly back.

However, Zen was only able to push a few of them and the majority still rushed towards Preston.

"Multiple Stars Brilliance!"

Starlight flickered around Zen's body as he released an explosive force.

The powerful shock waves caused many of the Pure Jade Sacred Place's disciples to lose their balance. Some were even lifted off the ground by 20 to 30 feet and fell heavily onto the ground again. However, this kind of impact was nothing for the warriors of the Soul Sea Realm. The more powerful Zen was, the better their chances of survival.


n dangers," she said. A Supreme Lord once had skulls hanging on his body for three whole years before they disappeared.

Rocher smiled confidently. "You'll see in a bit."

The Godly Geniuses trusted him. Rocher's confidence was enough to let them know that he knew what he was doing.

Preston stood up and slowly walked towards Rocher. He was about to express his gratitude when a graceful figure suddenly flew in the air and shot over.

Letitia had used up most of her life vitality, so even flying was difficult. In the end, she ended up falling right into Zen's arms.

Zen was already waiting to catch her. As he held his wife, he could hear her painful sobs.

Letitia had never been afraid of death. As a warrior, she possessed the type of courage that defied the heavens and readily faced death head-on.

When she was in charge of Cloud Hall, she completely ignored everything else and buried herself headfirst into her role.

She didn't have much to worry about back then, but it was different now. There were far too many things she treasured in this life and she couldn't leave this world behind so easily anymore.

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