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   Chapter 1783 The Powerful Sword Strike

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Preston smiled bitterly.

As a Spirit Transformation Realm martial artist, he had produced a massive number of living creatures in his inner world. The proof of it was a small divine kingdom with several third-grade sacred places where countless creatures still lived.

Just now, a massive calamity had erupted in his inner world.

He had cruelly disintegrated all living beings and returned them to the life vitality.

Houses, buildings, roads, lakes, wolves, snakes, tigers, leopards, and any other vicious beasts in his inner world—none of them were spared.

Some of the Virtual Tribulation Realm and Life and Death Realm warriors had also been restored to the life vitality by him.

These creatures were deeply unwilling at the moment. They did not know what was happening outside of this world, nor did they know that the master of this inner world was undergoing a life and death crisis. Therefore, he had no choice but to sacrifice them one by one.

When some warriors built their inner worlds, they sometimes developed bonds with the creatures within.

For instance, once when Preston had been roaming his inner world, he had accepted a disciple. With his support, the disciple had established a powerful force in the inner world.

But now, everything in this inner world would be destroyed soon and restored to the purest life vitality.

The creatures were forced to comply to it as Preston was their God.

Preston was also reluctant to take this step, but he felt he had no other choice left. His life vitality was used up and he knew that there was no longer any reason for him to persevere.


As the loud sound rang out, an enormous crack appeared in the Sky Demon Eliminating Array.

When the small skulls saw this, they rushed in through the crack.

"Get away!"

Preston had almost completely exhausted his last bit of life vitality. He struck out with his palm, sending the small skulls flying. However, even more small skul

tia had later dismissed her daydream and secretly laughed at herself, deeming it as only wishful thinking.

Zen was not an omnipresent True God anyway. He could not control everything.

However, in the end, he appeared when she was right on the verge of despair.

Letitia did not know if Zen could handle the small skulls, but she believed that since Zen had shown up, he would be able to come up with a solution. She trusted him fully and had great confidence in him. To her, being able to meet Zen at this moment was worth all the turmoil she had to face, even if she had to die the next moment. She had missed him dearly for several years. Now, she was finally meeting him again. It fulfilled her ardent wish, which might in fact be her last.

In an instant, eight beams of light arrived above the imperial palace of the York Divine Kingdom and descended swiftly.

The rulers of the four divine kingdoms were aware of this giant commotion. However, they could not understand just how these people had appeared. Could it be that they did not go through the ascending passageway?

Preston looked bewildered and suspicious as he stared at the eight young warriors in front of him.

The core disciples present there had similar looks of confusion and astonishment on their faces as they gazed at them.

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