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   Chapter 1782 Desperate Situation

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The air was filled with tense chaos. At that moment, the entire Sky Demon Eliminating Array was under tremendous pressure.

More and more martial artists continued to lose their life vitality, but Preston knew that there was no way back.

They had little time left--as soon as the Sky Demon Eliminating Array collapsed, all the small skulls would attack and tear them into pieces!

Just then, Preston saw Letitia and the warriors following behind her.

"You can just leave!" he coldly said to Letitia.

All resistance was futile at that point.

Although Letitia had brought seven hundred warriors with her to help, their life vitality would eventually be depleted. It still wouldn't flip the tide to their favor and in the end, the Sky Demon Eliminating Array would still collapse and they would all die.

However, where would Letitia go? Preston didn't know as well.

Perhaps the purpose of the sorcerer warriors was to capture all the warriors who came here from the Upper World in one fell swoop. If so, then Letitia still wouldn't be able to escape in this great world.

"Where could I go?" Letitia asked. She, like Preston, also didn't know.

There was nowhere she could escape. Even if she left right now, doing so would only buy her a little more time. Moreover, she also had other concerns. She was afraid she'd cause a disaster to the Central Region, and fail to resist the temptation of returning to the Cloud Hall.

Preston was silent. Soon enough, he smiled bitterly and said, "Fine!"

He then waved his hand and ablaze white lines appeared behind him, which formed multiple squares. The squares wrapped around Letitia and spread outwards. After a while, all the seven hundred warriors were individually wrapped in the array.

"I need your life vitality!" Preston shouted.

In compliance, the life vitality sea in the bodies of Letitia and all the martial artists stirred up.

The surging l

our, many of the warriors had consumed more than half of their life vitality in their life vitality sea.

Some martial artists tried to meditate on the spot and absorb the vitality between heaven and earth for their own use, but the vitality in the Lower World was far inferior to that of the Upper World. Moreover, even to absorb the vitality between heaven and earth in the Upper World would be far from enough. Unless they had an infinite supply of life vitality jades, they might not be able to sustain balance.

Another hour had passed!

About forty thousand skulls had now swarmed the place.

The massive influx of small skulls were like sharp blades that floated above everyone's heads. Once they exhausted their life vitality, the small skulls would suddenly chop down like guillotines. The people would surely die!

Meanwhile, Letitia quietly crushed a supreme life vitality crystal. If even the life vitality jades weren't enough to replenish her life vitality, what more could the life vitality crystals do? It was like a single drop of water in the life vitality sea that had dried up completely.

She wasn't the only one. The Soul Seas of all the warriors at the Soul Sea Realm were also drained.

Amidst the desperate situation, all eyes turned to Preston.

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