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   Chapter 1781 Desperate Resistance

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Boom, boom, boom...

With the space being folded and compressed, the sound of the explosions was very clear.

Everyone could see that many fine cracks had appeared around the small skulls. These were the cracks of space.

This space did not crush the small skulls. Instead, cracks appeared on its own …


Perhaps having foreseen this scene before, Preston didn't change his expression at all. With a flip of his hand, he sent a dozen of small skulls flying. His gaze once again focused straight ahead, and more sorcerer race members came forth!

"Come on!"

With a wave of his hand, Preston sent another two space fluctuations toward the skulls!

The Sky Demon Eliminating Array was a kind of collective. The warriors of the Soul Sea Realm only needed to distribute their life vitality according to the directions given by Preston.

The biggest flaw of the Sky Demon Eliminating Array, was in fact, Preston himself. As long as he didn't fall, the entire array would be locked down by space and the three hundred warriors of the Soul Sea Realm would be safe!

Crash, boom, bang...

A shattering sound was let out once again!

Creatures from the sorcerer race who had dared to attack were all compressed into a thin piece of black paper and piled up on the ground in all sorts of strange shapes!

However, all the dead life forms turned into small skulls that raced towards them!

The small skulls got dispersed by Preston's slap, but no matter how far away they were thrown, they would still turn back unhesitatingly and attack them.

The more creatures died, the more sk


"My life vitality jade is used up!" Another warrior fell down.

With every warrior that fell, the burden on the remaining warriors increased. The speed at which life vitality was extracted would also become faster, and the complexion of Preston grew more and more unsightly.

When the Sky Demon Eliminating Array collapsed, people would be nibbled away into a pile of meat by these small skulls in a short period of time.

"Is this resistance futile in the end?"

As Preston saw the waves of skulls, his heart sank. It wouldn't even take five minutes before all of their life vitality was sucked dry by these wretched things!

Just then, a group of core disciples, which had been hiding in the depths of the palace, appeared behind the Sky Demon Eliminating Array.

"Preston, we have come to help you," Letitia's voice sounded suddenly. The helplessness and sadness on her incomparably beautiful face had faded away, and it was replaced by a resolute expression.

The core disciples following Letitia all wore the same expression on their faces.

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