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   Chapter 1780 The Terrifying Skulls

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Letitia and the remaining seven hundred core disciples retreated into the depths of the palace.

Preston had already confided to Letitia that it was his mission to protect her life. If he couldn't fight off the sorcerer race's attack on his own, he had hoped that Letitia could get herself to safety.

Letitia was moved by these words. She and Preston were not particularly close.

As for Preston, he only risked his life to protect her because it was ordered by the Saint Lord of the Pure Jade Sacred Place.

He was very dedicated to his mission. When the sorcerer race arrived, the entire Pure Jade Sacred Place was probably completely destroyed. Preston might have realized this much sooner than she did.

Within the vicinity of the imperial palace of the York Divine Kingdom, giant skulls continued to smash down.

The sorcerer race wasn't interested much in the warriors of the great world, so there wasn't a mass massacre. Only a few unlucky ones were smashed to death by the giant skulls.

The jagged black figures left the skulls and headed towards the palace.

Brennan had preemptively ordered the royal family's members to escape from the imperial palace. Currently, he floated high above the city and observed the entire place...

"What kind of monsters are they?"

The terrifying creatures advanced towards the palace in all sorts of strange postures, forming a dark wave that quickly surged from all directions.

The horrific sight made Brennan worry.

The only consolation that he got was that these monsters headed straight towards the palace. It seemed obvious that t

d that the sorcerer creatures would definitely be destroyed.

However, the three hundred warriors and Preston did not seem excited at all. Killing the sorcerer creatures was an easy task, but it was their curses that gave everyone a cause to be worried.

"Kof, kof, kof..."

Indeed, as they looked on, small skulls emerged from their squashed bodies, jawbones clattering as they swooped straight towards Preston.

All of the martial artists present weren't cowards, as they were not afraid of the ordinary skulls. But now in their eyes, these small skulls were like evil spirits which would kill everyone.

"Fuck off!"

Preston unleashed his full power, and he brimmed with an imposing aura!

He used the power of the Sky Demon Eliminating Array to strike back at the skulls. After all, his strength was comparable to a world lord's as he used the Sky Demon Eliminating Array!

He wanted to see for himself if he could use the array to annihilate these annoying small skulls.

The wave of compressing force once again headed towards the small skulls.

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