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   Chapter 1779 Counterattack

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The core disciples of the Pure Jade Sacred Place boasted of extraordinary talents and backgrounds. There were some disciples whose backgrounds were even stronger than Preston's, but now that they had fallen into such a predicament, they had no option but to view Preston as their leader.

"The sorcerer race isn't as strong as we think," Preston said loudly.

Everyone nodded in agreement. They were fully aware of what Preston had said. In terms of strength, the sorcerer race was not very powerful. Warriors at the Soul Sea Realm could easily kill them.

But no one knew the methods that the sorcerer race adopted. When ordinary creatures were killed, they would release malicious auras as their curses.

However, the curses of the sorcerer race were small skulls that could not be gotten rid of. Those skulls were like incurable diseases. Whoever was infected with the skulls would die without exception.

"We will require a group of expendable soldiers to kill the sorcerer race! Only then can the others survive!" After a pause, Preston continued, "Those who are willing to take up this mission please step forward."

There was pin drop silence in the luxuriantly green square in the palace.

There had been discussions on this proposal from Preston before.

The core disciples were relatively young. The scene of many people in the underground palace being bitten into pieces and devoured by the small skulls still stayed fresh in their minds.

They could not get the picture out of their minds and trembled at the thought of it.

In their hearts, they knew that killing the sorcerer race was tantamount to committing suicide.

Therefore, no one was ready to attack the sorcerer

s looked up at the sky with great curiosity. They quickly discovered that these descending objects were actually massive skulls.


A giant skull released a black bolt of lightning as it smashed into the ground hard, creating a deep crater.

Then black shadows began to crawl out from the skull one after another.

Around the skull were many divine kingdom martial artists. As they saw this, they didn't even dare to breathe. The terrifying looks of the black shadows left them overwhelmed by terror.

Oddly enough, the members of the sorcerer race didn't even look at those martial artists and directly headed towards the royal palace of York Divine Kingdom.

They aimed at the people from the Pure Jade Sacred Place only, and they had no interest in the people of the Divine Kingdom Continent.

"Here they are." At this moment, Preston was standing at the very top of the palace of York Divine Kingdom. He brought his hands together and a scorching white stream of space power drew out horizontal and vertical lines, spreading out from his body.

Soon, the lines enveloped the three hundred expendable soldiers.

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