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   Chapter 1778 Daredevils

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Preston's punch hit them with a powerful force and sent the small skulls flying at a fast hurling speed!

The terrifying strength of a powerful and esteemed warrior at the Spirit Transformation Realm was more than enough to send the small skulls millions of feet away.

Once they were gone, Preston's shoulders sagged in relief. With a swift movement of his hand, Preston took out two life vitality jades and crushed them before absorbing them quickly. He then took out three emerald green pills and swallowed them all in one gulp. Their effects were immediate, and he could feel the warm rush of his energy quickly returning to him.

"Where are we going after this?" Preston asked, raising his brows inquisitively.

As a powerful master at the Spirit Transformation Realm, Preston should have made the decision by himself;

however, as he faced the sorcerer race, whose existence was a mystery in itself, he began to feel lost and confused and decided to ask Letitia about her plans.

When Letitia suggested they should return to the Lower World, Preston immediately thought that it was a wise decision. The supreme worlds were in chaos and only the Lower World remained unaffected by the disarray. They could find solace there.

What they didn't expect, however, was the fact that the sorcerer race would still pursue them relentlessly.

Preston was puzzled. Their purpose didn't make any sense to him. There was no one in the group important enough to attract them, so why would the sorcerer race want to hunt them down?

Moreover, the time and place that this horde of sorcerer warriors chose to appear were very strange and suspicious. The sorcerer warriors were already there at the Ascending Well when they arrived, as though they had been guarding there and waiting for them all this time.

Letitia shook her head in confusion. "I didn't expect that these sorcerer warriors would suddenly appear at the Ascending Well. It's impossible that their intention was to try and stop us there."

"Yes, I also think so," Preston agreed with Letitia's conjecture. "Looking at this from another perspective, if this group of warriors from the sorcerer race have been guarding the Ascending Well, then there must be something important underneath the Ascending Well."

Beneath the Ascending Well was the ascending passageway, which connected the great world below.

In other words, the

s herbs... All of them were priceless!

However, very quickly, Brennan's face cleared as the things that he sent in were not of any interest to them.

Only a few of them randomly chose some materials. Most of them only picked up some items, took a look and then threw them to the side.

Knowing this, Brennan felt a little disappointed... After all, these people were important figures from the Upper World. He thought that if he could establish good relationship with them now, then there was a high chance that he could benefit from them in the future once he ascended to the Upper World.

However, what Brennan did not know was that there were a lot of supreme worlds connected to the ascending passageway of the great world. Even if he did manage to ascend to the Upper World in the future, the chances of him landing in the Pure Jade Sacred Place were slim and very small.

Sitting on a high platform, Preston turned his attention to the core disciples who were quietly resting below. Seeing their looks of defeat frustrated him and awakened his desire to find a way out of their current predicament. Out of the blue, a look of determination flashed across his face as he clenched his fists.

Conviction flared deep in his chest. He was still one of the top warriors within the entire Pure Jade Sacred Place. There was no way he would sit back and wait for their impending death.

Preston abruptly rose to his feet and, with a deep breath, shouted, "Everyone!"

All the core disciples were startled and directed their eyes toward Preston, who looked at them with fire burning in his eyes.

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