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   Chapter 1777 Kurt's Gaze

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Zen had been worried and afraid that the ascending passageway might lead to the distant seas or to the Sea God Continent.

Even though Zen had arrived at the Spirit Supreme Realm, crossing the vast ocean would take him many days. If the pursuers caught up before him, then he might not be able to rescue Letitia in time.

However, her being at the Divine Kingdom Continent made the situation much better.

"Let's go! And remember we have to be one united force to fight against them!"

Zen briefed Rocher and the others.

Margaret cut short her trip to the Ethereal Spirit Sect and came back early. Although she held some grudges against Letitia, she was more concerned about Zen and knew her help would be required at this hour.

At present, Xenia had already gone back to the Upper World under Master Feng's command, but Rocher, Margaret, Kurt and Lone were on standby, ready to make the move at Zen's command.

And so they responded immediately when Zen called out to them.

On the other hand, Lawson and Nathan were filled with apprehension. After several days of recuperation, some of their bodily injuries had completely healed, some even disappeared. The effects of the divine medicine of Thoughtless Minds were incredibly powerful.

Initially, they hesitated to follow the others. But after seeing Lucille and the other Godly Genius decide to follow, they changed their minds.

But how could they be willing to work for Zen, as they were not on good terms with him?

Zen knew about their feelings but did not give it much thought. He ordered his men to create a gap in the Light of Water to fly out.

"Father! Please wait! I will also accompany you!"

Geoffrey shouted as he came running out. Since he was unable to fly, he jumped around, waving his hand frantically.

"Geoffrey, listen to me! You should stay back and take care of the people at Cloud Hall! Master Yu, please take him inside!" Zen said gravely.

Zen knew that the fairy palace was the safest place for Geoffrey. But looking at his spirit, Zen realized he wouldn't be able to keep Geoffrey at the palace for too long. And right now, he only trusted Imogen to take care of Geoffrey.

Even though Imogen held her grudge against Zen, she tried her best to pacify Geoffrey at the moment.

Zen swiftly turned into a streak of light and flew out, followed by Rocher, Margaret and Lone.

Lucille was floating in front of Nathan and Lawson. She swept her gaze across them and asked, "Have you guys forgotten your pa

of Stars if they had to be safe.

"Do we have to directly cross over it? There must be some other way!" Lawson asked fearfully as he thought about their earlier experience.

Earlier, to avoid the storm in the Chaotic Ocean of Stars, the team of the Celestial Position had chosen a path on the back of the space.

However, on their way through the back, they had a nasty encounter with the Shadow Race, also known as the sorcerer race.

Zen closed his eyes to have a clear vision of the Divine Kingdom Continent.

He could see that Letitia had settled down in the Divine Kingdom Continent and was currently resting. She did not seem like she would leave immediately.

He contemplated that there was still plenty of time.

"This way!"

Zen transformed himself into a beam of light and quickly advanced towards the northwest direction.

Although the Chaotic Ocean of Stars looked terrifying, it was still possible to cross as long as one did not go near the core. They had to make a detour to avoid getting sucked into the powerful storm right at the center.

Even though the detour would cost extra time, it was a much safer option.

Back at the Divine Kingdom Continent, over a thousand core disciples of the Pure Jade Sacred Place were living in the imperial palace.

Most of the people focused on healing their wounds.

The ancient sorcerer race were not very strong with their fighting skills.

The worrisome part was that after killing these creatures, their curse would still remain. Those damned little skulls would be like a nightmare that would wrap around a warrior until one died. There simply seemed to be no solution to get out of it.

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