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   Chapter 1776 The Divine Kingdom Continent

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In the air, Preston covered his mouth with a hand and coughed twice while he was descending from the sky.

A pensive look took over his face as several thoughts raced in his mind. The past weeks had been the most challenging period he had to endure so far.

The small skulls had been extremely terrifying. When the amount of his life vitality was still sufficient and adequate, Preston could still prevent them from biting him. But eventually, the small skulls managed to devour all his protective life vitality, and chewed his skin, flesh, bones, and internal organs. A small skull even drilled into his internal organs and he had to forcibly dig it out to avoid further damage. He sustained several deep injuries, but Preston, with his strong will, persevered and endured the pain and torment.

Casting his gaze down, he caught the trace of what seemed to be a town. "Look, there's a town below, but I don't know which force it belongs to," Preston uttered, pointing a finger at the cluster of houses beneath them.

Letitia looked down, her eyes raking over the entire continent.

Recognizing the shape of the continent, Letitia knew that the place was not part of the Central Region. Nodding, she responded, "This is the Divine Kingdom Continent. It belongs to the human race."

Letitia had never been to the Divine Kingdom Continent before, but she remembered that Zen once mentioned that the continent's shape was very unique. In the middle of it was a continental sea, surrounded by the mainland. From above, it looked like the shape of a bracelet. This unique form made it easy for Letitia to ascertain it was indeed the Divine Kingdom Continent.

"The divine kingdom?" Preston asked in surprise, a flash of disdain crossing his face.

A divine kingdom could only exist in the Lower World, and because of that, there were no divine kingdoms existing in the Upper World. The forces, such as the Humanity Alliance and the Thoughtless Minds, would develop into countless tenth-grade sacred places in the end, forming an extremely large and formidable force.

Actually, Janet's clan, Lucille's clan, Nathan's Clan, and Lawson's Clan were like four divine kingdoms; however, with the alliance of these four great clans, there was no more need to select an emperor to take charge of the Thoughtless Minds, which had successfully developed into an extremely powerful force.

Those who possessed true strength didn't need to add the title of war king or war emperor to their names.

They were already considered as the most powerful beings in the universe, an

f his next course of actions. What should he do now? He knew it was dangerous and wanted them to leave quickly, but he was left with no choice.

It seemed Letitia was a bit selfish...

The sorcerer race members were indeed mysterious and frightening. If they were lured into the Central Region, they would no doubt bring trouble and incite chaos in the Cloud Hall. Thus Letitia decided to sacrifice the Divine Kingdom Continent instead. Brennan realized her selfish motives and felt anger rising in his chest, but he was helpless and he knew that he could do nothing against these powerful warriors.

"Masters, this way, please," Brennan said, keeping his tone polite despite the maelstrom of emotions filling his chest.

He even addressed them as powerful "masters", because that was how they usually called the strongest Soul Sea Realm warriors in their continent.

The thousand warriors, including Letitia and Preston, followed him into the heart of the York Divine Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Zen, who was staying at the top of the Cloud Hall, suddenly opened his eyes.

When Zen felt a strange phenomenon coming in from the great world, he immediately grasped the memories about Letitia.

Letitia's memories on the will of the great world were cut off less than a year ago. As she had ascended at the time, she did not leave any memory mark on the will. But now that she was back, Zen finally managed to capture the memories about her.

There was only a small amount of memories about her as it had only recorded the part where Letitia entered the great world and conversed with Brennan, the ruler of the York Divine Kingdom.

Fortunately, it was more than enough for Zen to determine her location.

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